Back and now being written much better, this story follows Will Winters who is the owner of a small bar in New York City. The bar is run by Will and his roommate, Solomon. A looming threat is coming back with a vengeance, will Will and his friends be ready?

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8. The Mindscape Redo



The Mindscape Redo

All Will could hear was ringing, his head hurt horribly, he had regained all his memories. What he did to his father, what he became, what he was. Will sat up, Solomon was in a chair beside his bed, fast asleep. He was in a room, it wasn't his bedroom but one of the many guest bedrooms in Queen Cornet's castle. The room was decorated very simply, there was a fireplace to the right of the door which contained a roaring fire. There was a tall potted plant with small red flowers to the left of the door.

Will's bed sat in the middle of the back of the room between a small bookcase with an assortment of old books and a small dresser with three drawers, Will had the urge to open it but he knew that it would wake Solomon. Will shifted in bed and settled in another part of the bed which made a loud creak as he laid down in the spot.

Solomon woke with a small jump, he was now staring at Will,

"Oh good, you're finally awake," Solomon said, standing up and quickly moving over to him. "Queen Cornet, Theo, and I were so worried, why on Earth did you do that?"

Solomon seemed frantic, even though Will was perfectly okay, he could see out of both eyes again, he realized.

"I didn't know what else to do, the fact that I lost seeing in one eye freaked me out, I was afraid it would've spread and made my entire body shut down." Will said, somewhat shakily. Solomon gave a small laugh.

"You're so paranoid," he said, he hugged Will tightly. "I'm just glad you're okay."

"Of course I'm paranoid, I live with you, I have to." Will said, laughing weakly. He could smell his cologne and it calmed him as it always did, it was a very sharp smell that was very soothing.

Solomon laughed as well and sat down on his bed next to him, Will shifted his feet to accommodate his form.

"I know we could've looked for another way to fix it and I probably would've been fine but the fact that I deep down wanted to know more about myself drove me to this," said Will suddenly, after a few seconds of silence.

"What's done is done, there's no need to focus on the past, all I care about is that you're here now," said Solomon, somewhat more bluntly then he had intended. "So, what all do you remember?" 

Will started recounting all the things he had seen in his dreams and what had happened, Solomon's face changed from intrigue to horrified.

"I always knew you had to have killed someone, I just didn't know it was your father." Solomon said, trailing off. "But, Will, no matter what you've done in your past, Theo, Demi, Cornet, and I will all still care for you." 

"Thank you, Solomon, it means a lot after what I've just recounted," his eyes started tearing up. 

Will started to remember Queen Cornet's look before he had passed out, he felt like she wanted this to happen, he just knew it. But why would she want me to suffer so badly? Will thought. Cornet had always been like a role model or someone who he could trust.

These memories may seem peaceful at first but the fact that he was slowly remembering them was not good, what if they all came flooding back when he was doing something important like fighting? It could incapacitate him and give the enemy a strong advantage. He remembered what he had done to his father, he wish he never had known that, he could've gone his entire life without knowing about his past before becoming a wendigo.

"Will, are you alright? You look angry," said Solomon. Will snapped out of his deep thoughts.

"Did I? Sorry, I was just thinking is all," said Will, quickly changing his facial expression.

"Well, I'll leave you to it, you should try to get some rest, hopefully your sleep won't be plagued by more bad memories," said Solomon, he stood up and left, closing the door behind him.

He soon fell asleep again and his dreams were indeed not plagued by anymore bad memories.


Will lie in bed, he had woken up with a severe headache. He couldn't think clearly, all he could think about were his old memories. 

Theo soon walked in, Cornet came in behind him. Will almost wanted to scream at her, he wanted to yell at her for what she had done. Of course, he didn't, he didn't know that she had intended for this to happen. I might just be overreacting again, he thought. His headache quickly cleared and he could think again.

"Will, can you see alright now?" Cornet asked, calmly and with genuine concern. Will nodded and lay back down.

"Oh god, Will, I'm so glad you're safe." Theo quickly approached and hugged him much tighter than Solomon had, Will could feel his lungs starting to collapse as Theo let him go. 

Cornet stepped in front of him and turned around to face both Solomon and Theo.

"I think Will needs some rest, you two should go, I have some information to talk to Will and only Will, about," she said. Both Solomon and Theo left without a word, closing the door, Cornet turned to him and sat down on his bed. 

"Will, I'm sorry, I know I must seem like a terrible person..." she trailed off, Will perked up, he hadn't expected her to talk about this so he was intrigued.

"I let you do that to yourself because I've always been curious about memories. Specifically whether or not they could be reinjected back into someone once they've been extracted," Cornet continued, Will was somewhat shocked by this. So she was the one who extracted my memories, Will thought.

"Just tell me, why did you extract my memories in the first place, Queen Cornet, was it to test whether or not I would go crazy? Is that all I am to you? A lab rat?" Will wasn't intending to get this furious but he was practically screaming at this point.

"Of course not, Will, you're so much more than that, you're a fantastic warrior, a damn skilled bar tender and most of all, you're my friend, William Winters," she said, this calmed him down considerably, he felt like crying, his emotions were all over the place. Cornet noticed this immediately and stood up.

"You should get some rest, Will, even though you've been resting most of the day, it'll do you well, that kind of damage to your mind must require a lot of rest to recover from," she said as she left, she walked out the door and closed it behind her. 

Will sat in silence, he rolled over in bed and covered up again in the black blankets. The roaring fire near the door soothed him to sleep once more.

This time, Will had no dreams.


Will woke up, his headache much more painful and it continued to intensify. He began to scream once it got too painful. Solomon, Theo, Cornet, and even Demi rushed in, he continued to scream and grasped at his head. Cornet quickly waved her hand over him, he went silent and still at once.

"What did you do to him?" Solomon asked, shocked.

"I made him sleep," Cornet turned to Theo and Solomon, "you two need to enter his mind, use a Mind-Lock spell." 

Solomon and Theo moved over next to him, Solomon grabbed his book from on top of the bookcase where it sat and flipped through the pages rapidly.

"Demi, you stay with me and tend to him while they're away." Cornet said, Demi jumped and nodded quickly. Solomon quickly found what he was looking for in the book.

"Okay, Theo, we both need to do the hand movements over Will this time, we don't need to be in sync but we do need to do the same hand movements." Solomon said, Theo nodded.

"I remember the hand movements from before, let's start already," Theo said, they quickly began doing the hand movements, Theo was keeping up rather well with Solomon.

Soon, they finished the hand movements, they both collapsed to the floor which signaled that they had completed it and were now in his mind.

"Demi, go get me my staff," Cornet said, Demi nodded and rushed off. Cornet moved over to Will and whispered into his ear.

"Please be safe."


Please be safe.

Solomon and Theo woke up, they stared at the three hallways. Solomon and Theo's were normal and brightly lit with their varying shades of colors and carpets, while Will's was collapsed and dark, the floor falling away in places like it had when it had fallen apart completely.

"His hallway looks worse than it did," Theo said, Solomon nodded in agreement. 

"I think those memories caused his mental state to collapse so the hallway to his mind did the same. Plus, he's asleep, his mind may be warped to accommodate that." Solomon said.

They both stood up and began their trek down the ruined hallway. The shag carpeting was ripped up or cut in some places, Solomon began to wonder what had happened through here and if some beast were responsible for this. It was hard to see the further you went down the hallway, they had to reach with both hands in front of them to keep from hitting the walls. 

They reached the door, Solomon tried the doorknob but it was locked. 

Suddenly a key popped from thin area along with a small sheet of paper. Solomon grabbed the key, Theo grabbed the paper and moved somewhat back down the hallway.

"What's it say?" Solomon asked.

"It looks like Will's handwriting, all it says is 'Help'," Theo said, his eyes growing wide. "We need to hurry."

Solomon jammed the key into the lock and opened the door. The room inside was completely dark,

"Well, let's go inside," Solomon said, they both hastily stepped into the room. Suddenly the room lit up, the room was Will's bar but the wall that had been covered was destroyed, debris lay around the floor and snow was slowly blowing into the place, it was very cold inside. Behind the now-destroyed wall now was a room, it looked like a snowy clearing in a forest.

Solomon and Theo walked into the snowy clearing, their feet left footprints in the deep snow as it crunched beneath their feet. In the center of the room was a huddled mass. It was Will, he was shaking and crying, next to him was a bloody body. It was an older looking man, the same man who had attacked Will in his mind, he was dead.

"Will?" Will jumped at Theo's words and quickly stood up.

"What do you want?" Will's face was covered in a mixture of blood and tears, he had obviously been crying and was still shaking violently.

"Will, we want to help, what do we need to do?" Solomon asked, Will said nothing and continued crying. Suddenly, a shadowy figure formed near Will, Solomon and Theo withdrew their weapons once more. The shadow seemed to be whispering to him, it looked exactly the same as the one Will had fought previously but more real looking. 

"Will, don't listen to it!" Theo yelled suddenly, scaring Solomon slightly. The shadow turned away from Will, it's eyes were glowing white orbs and it laughed though you couldn't tell it was laughing as it had no mouth. 

"I am Will's past, present, and future, I am here to make him suffer for what he's done," the shadow said. Will continued to sob but moved his hands from his eyes to see Solomon and Theo.

"Solomon.... Theo..." Will said, the shadow turned back to him and Will jumped. He continued crying but he didn't sob, tears ran down his face as he continued to stare at them. 

Theo suddenly rushed forward and jabbed at the shadow, this time, a hole appeared in the shadow and it yelled. 

"How dare you stab me, you white werewolf!" the shadow yelled.

"That's White Shuck to you!" Theo yelled back, slicing at the shadow again. He lobbed one of it's arm's off which fell to the ground and dissolved when it hit. The shadow screamed and Will was shakily standing up at this point. 

Solomon rushed forward to help his brother but Will had beaten him to the punch, Will suddenly plunged his antlers into the shadow and threw it up into the air with the force from him moving his head up.

The shadow flew into the sky, a trail of shadow followed him, he was falling apart at this point, he screamed as he fell.

"You can't escape me, Will, even if I die, I will live on in your memories!" he screamed as he fell and impaled himself on Will's antlers and both Solomon and Theo's swords'. He dissolved into nothingness and once he was gone, Will collapsed and seemingly passed out. He slowly faded as Solomon and Theo tried to rush towards him.

Once he was gone, a light blinded them and suddenly they were in the supply room of the bar. It looked exactly like the supply room of the actual bar, there were bottles of wine and other random things like brooms and mops. 

They were both confused and walked out of the supply closet, in the main bar area. The bar looked pristine again, the fish tank was full of fish and other aquatic life, the TV was playing some TV show and the lights were working properly again.

Will lay in the middle of the floor. He was wearing no clothing and light shined around him, suddenly the light stopped and Will's eyes opened. He sat up slowly and noticed Solomon and Theo who were awestruck, then he looked down at himself.

"Oh, I'm naked," Will said, standing up. Solomon and Theo then saw more than they needed to see of him, they both looked away, blushing, or blushing as much as you could through fur. 

Will looked confused and then it came to him,

"Oh right, I'm naked, sorry," Will said, he snapped his fingers and his usual attire came to him.

"So, are you alright now?" Solomon asked, looking back to him.

"Of course I'm alright, I just... I'll need some time to recover from this. I had never imagined my memories would be this bad, never in a hundred years would I think it would be this bad...," Will trailed off, he looked down, his hand resting on his face. "Anyways, let's leave this place and return back to the real world, I imagine Demi and Cornet are worried sick."

Will hugged both of them as they were sucked away from Will's mind, it was peaceful once more.


When Solomon and Theo woke, Will was sitting up in bed, he was calmly talking to Demi and Cornet who were hounding him with questions.

"Are you okay, Will?"  Solomon asked. Will stopped talking to them,

"Of course, I remember everything plus some but that's alright, my head doesn't hurt anymore and I feel completely fine," Will said, Solomon and Theo exhaled with relief. They had saved their friend, though, Solomon felt that this wasn't over yet. You can't remember something that traumatizing without needing some kind of help.

"That's good, I was afraid it would make you go insane," Solomon laughed pitifully and the room went silent. Demi looked at him angrily but Will laughed too much to everyone's surprise.

"Well, Will, what do you want to do now?" Theo asked, Will pondered for a moment until he formulated a plan, a simple plan.

"Well, let's reopen the bar, those drinks aren't going to sell themselves."


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