Myth: Volume One

Back and now being written much better, this story follows Will Winters who is the owner of a small bar in New York City. The bar is run by Will and his roommate, Solomon. A looming threat is coming back with a vengeance, will Will and his friends be ready?


4. The Block



The Block

The door burst open before anyone could react. In the doorway stood Tadala, the Dimensional Demon, a longtime friend of Will's.

"Heyyyyyy guys!!!" Tadala said, sing-songily. She was dressed in a dark grey t-shirt that matched Solomon's sweat pants and checker patterned pajama pants. It took everyone a moment to react, Will reacted first.

"Tadala? What are you doing here? Also, how did you get here, this is our Mindscape." Will said.

"A dimension is a dimension but in all honesty, I just performed a Mind-Lock spell with you, Will," she said. "I'm just here to see what's up." She walked over to them and saw the book,

"Oooo, is that Theo's secret book? Lemme see." She seemed overexcited, which made Will nervous, Tadala was only overexcited when she was either drunk or being nosy and Will didn't smell any alcohol.

"Well, we're exploring Will's mind to look at the block in his mind, seeing what's what. But we made a pit stop to Theo's mind." Solomon said, Tadala laughed. She had already seen a majority of the inside of Will's mind when she had done a Mind-Lock spell with him a long time ago, around the time they had first met so she knew what they were in for.

"Oh okay, you guys have fun, just don't snoop too much, I'm not sure you'll like what you find. I'm gonna go and redecorate my house, ta ta!" Tadala said, ominously and with that, she disappeared in a glowing light.

Will put Theo's book down and they left his room. They headed back to the crossroads where Will's room was the only one left.

Will's hallway was very plain, it was brightly lit and lead to a plain white door, it was like a hospital wing. The carpeting had changed and was now shag carpeting like Solomon's hallway.

"Taking design choices from me, I see." Solomon said, he smiled doofily.

"Well, it's a little vintage but it's hecka soft."

Will continued leading the way down the hallway towards the door, he soon began to hear whispering,

"...some things... aren't meant... to be known..." said an unknown voice that sounded too deep to be human, Will jumped and hurried quickly down the hall. As he ran, the walls began to rot and cave in and the lights dimmed. The carpet below them began to crumble and fall away, they sped up.

"Will, wait up!" Solomon yelled, he and Theo ran after Will down the hallway that began to collapse. They reached the end of the hallway and Will quickly pulled the key out of his pocket. He unlocked the door and ran in. They saw the hallway behind them was now a dark abyss of nothingness.

The room was the bar, books were scattered here and there on the tables. The lights were dim and flickered randomly, it was like a horror movie. It had everything the bar had, the tv which was displaying static now, the aquarium which housed no fish, the bar which was devoid of drinks and glasses, and the staircase which was blocked at the top by a wall. A deeply sweet smell wafted throughout the room,

"Will, is that my cologne?" Solomon snickered. Will blushed,

"I like the smell of it, sue me" Will said, still slightly shaken up about the voice.

The music playing throughout the room constantly shifted, Will heard bits and pieces of songs he had heard before but couldn't put a finger on them. It's like his mind was going haywire, he had thought it might be because he was in his own mind but that couldn't be true since Solomon and Theo had also entered their own minds. Something was definitely wrong but Will didn't know what, if only he could remember...

Suddenly a tremor rocked the room, causing the giant aquarium to crash to the floor, thankfully no fish were inside this version and only water. The water spread across the floor and into the carpet which stopped most of it. 

"Uh, Will, where is your secrets room?" Theo asked, shakily. He didn't handle scary situations well and the hallway falling apart really shook him up it seemed.

"I dunno, it's around here somewhere" Will wandered around the room until he came to a door behind the staircase. It seemed like the door was abused, like a dog had gone to town on it because it was locked inside. There were cracks in it and it looked like it was about to come off it's hinges.

"Here it is!" Will reluctantly opened a door under the stairs, the door creaked open and there was a small room inside. Will's book sat inside, the cover was completely black and light as a feather, so light that it floated in midair.  Will picked it up and handed it to Solomon and Theo. Solomon opened it and they both read it, to their surprise, the pages were all blank, not even a smudge of ink or anything.

"... It's blank... why is there nothing written inside?" Solomon said, dumbfounded.

"I... I don't know... I can't really think of any secrets I haven't told you two," Will said, he flipped through the pages only to find nothing. He couldn't believe it, he knew he had to have SOME secret from his friends but he couldn't think of what.

"Well, that's honestly good then, no secrets are a good thing," Solomon said. "Let's leave this room, it's really creepy."

They exited back into the Will's Memory Room. "Hey Will? What's up with that wall?"

Solomon pointed towards the wall behind Will. He turned to look and there was something wrong, where the bar's back room door would be, there was a giant wall. It looked like it had been plastered on and not naturally there. A small crack spanned across the fake wall and it looked as if dark smoke were trickling from it. The smoke began to take form of something humanoid. Solomon and Theo stood around Will, they took a stance, removing their swords from the sheaths on their belts.

Solomon's sword was named Blanc and Theo's was named Cafe. Solomon's sword was white, made with pure marble and sharp as they come, in it's handle, there were five gemstones inset. One was Rutile, one was Citrine, one was Jadeite, one was Lapis Lazuli and one was Tourmaline. Theo's sword on the other hand was made with copper, it was long since oxidized and was now green. The pommel of the sword was a perfect sphere of obsidian like the cross guard which was also obsidian.

They were ready for battle. The smoke turned into what looked like a more human Will, his face was like that of a younger man. It was covered in scruff, it began to speak.

"Will?" his voice slightly higher than Will, not by much since Will's voice was very deep.

"Who are you?" Will asked, he heartily laughed.

"Come to me, boy!" the spectre said happily. Will felt an urge to run towards him, his arms open. Who was this man?

Will suddenly felt transfixed and did as he was told, he ran forward but Solomon and Theo tackled him quickly, Will fell to the ground and Theo almost got stabbed by one of his antlers.

"No, Will, stop! He's putting you under his spell, whatever he is, he's not real!" Solomon said, holding the struggling Will down. Will needed to hug this man, he felt like he needed to feel him and all would be right with the world, like he were fulfilling some prophecy. He felt it burning him from the inside and he couldn't stand it.

"Will, come here, come and hug me." the man said, his tone calming down.

"Let me go, let me GO," Will yelled, Solomon and Theo stayed on him. The burning feeling increased with every word the man said.

"Will, come here this instant!," the man yelled, causing the room to shake. The burning was intense by now, Will was just struggling to get to this man, he felt like he needed him or he would cease to exist.

Suddenly, Will stopped squirming, he started screaming and Solomon and Theo got off of him. The burning was intense now, it was centered around his head, he couldn't even move towards the man even though he felt like he needed to.

"Get out of my head," Will screamed, he clutched his skull. He swayed as the man dissolved in a puff of black. Will lay in the fetal position rocking back and forth.

"Leave him alone," Solomon yelled at nothing. The man reformed in another place. Solomon jabbed at the man, his sword passed through him like he were air.

"Why did you do it, Will? Why did you do it? You never loved me, did you?" he asked. "It was all a lie, a lie!!!" The man began to weep incredibly hard and Will continued to writhe in pain, grasping at his head. It felt like his head were on fire, like someone had poured molten metal into his head. He screamed until he felt like his lungs were going to collapse.

The walls of the bar began to crack and break just like the hallway had, they fell away revealing black nothingness. Theo ran over to Will as Solomon continued to try and attack the shadow to no avail.

"Will, please, don't listen to him, he is an illusion, whoever he is, he's not real. Don't listen, please get up! Fight through the pain, I know you're stronger than this!" Theo said. Will suddenly stopped screaming, he took Theo's words as truth and used them to fight. The walls stopped cracking and froze.

"You loved me... he loved me," Will said emotionlessly, he began to get up. "He loved me!" 

Will stood up, shakily. He grabbed Theo's sword, Theo didn't have time to react to this but once he did, he let it happen. He suddenly regained his bearings and threw himself at the man. He punched the apparition and he went down.

"You'll pay for that, brat," the man said. Will grasped the sword and drove it through the man, tears running down his face. The man fell and dissolved into shadow. Will breathed heavily, he had defeated the mysterious man. 


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