Myth: Volume One

Back and now being written much better, this story follows Will Winters who is the owner of a small bar in New York City. The bar is run by Will and his roommate, Solomon. A looming threat is coming back with a vengeance, will Will and his friends be ready?


2. The Bar

The Bar

Rather than lose his cool, Will decided to move the spider outside calmly.

Will Winters placed a cup over the fuzzy creature and slide a piece of paper underneath.

He opened the door and tossed it away, far onto the sidewalk below where it scurried away.

Will Winters looked up into the sky, it was growing dark. He stood outside a bar, his bar, aptly named Winter.

He took in the cool autumn air and walked back inside, his antlers scraping the door frame slightly.

Will was a wendigo, his skin was grey, his hair black and long, and his head a skull, a deer skull, with massive antlers.

These antlers often caused collateral damage or harm to anyone around them. This is why Will made sure to be careful whereever he went.

He walked back inside and closed the door. His bar was average sized, a tv on a wall played one of Solomon's soap operas. The tables and chairs were evenly distributed in front of the counter where will stood behind and served drinks.

On the far side of the room, a set of stairs led to Will's apartment that he shared with his friend, Solomon.

Upstairs in Will's apartment where his flatmate, Solomon Bradbury, slept on the couch, the sounds of Will beginning to work reached him and woke him from his sleep. He sat up and stretched his arms, he calmly and sleepily stood up and walked to Will's bedroom where he opened a dresser to the left of the door. 

He quickly realized that this wasn't his bedroom when he pulled a jockstrap out from the top drawer. He laughed, Solomon was a Black Shuck, his entire body was coated in fur that was shiny and very soft. He stood on two legs and was very human minus the large snout and one red eye and one green eye. His eyes were the only thing you could make out of him in the darkness of the early morning.

"What are you doing in my clothes, Solomon?" Will suddenly appeared behind Solomon, shocking him.

"Care to explain this little number," Solomon asked with a doofy smile, turning around with the clothing item in his hand.

"Give that here!" Will yelled, snatching the strap from Solomon's hand. Will blushed and Solomon laughed,

"Don't worry dude, sorry for snooping through your things, I thought this was my room. What you do in your spare time is none of my business."  Solomon said as he left Will's bedroom, Will put the strap back in his drawer and closed it quickly.

"Anyway, I made you breakfast, check the microwave, you might need to heat it up." Will said, he walked back downstairs, trying to hide his minor embarrassment.

"Thanks, man."

Solomon had lived with Will for a while, for as long as he could remember, in fact. Will was used to Solomon finding his weird things that he had in his bedroom by now so he wasn't too phased by it. When Will had found him, they had become friends almost instantly, so now he mooched off his best friend like all best friends do.

Theo, Solomon's brother, had his own house now but it was too small for more than one person so Solomon stayed with Will. That was Theo's excuse anyway, both he and Solomon knew that wasn't the reason. Theo's house was large enough to accommodate two people but the 2nd person was someone different all the time. Solomon did not want to be in the same house as that. Solomon loved his brother dearly but not enough to live in the same house with him and his lovers.

Solomon got dressed upstairs in his actual bedroom which was no where near close to Will's. Even he was confused as to how he completely missed the fact he was in the wrong room, he blamed his grogginess. Solomon got dressed in a light blue t-shirt, dark grey sweatpants, and anime themed socks that had holes in them where his claws had punctured them.

He left his bedroom and made sure to lock it so Will couldn't get back at him for finding his unmentionables. He headed to the kitchen which was essentially just a corner of the living room, separated partially by a load-bearing pillar. He opened the fridge and pulled out a blue raspberry energy drink, his favorite flavor and opened the microwave. Inside was a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs, also his favorite, Will knew how to please his best friend. 

He grabbed the food and drink and walked to the living room couch, balancing the drink, food, and hot sauce he had also grabbed. He sat down and turned on the TV, he flipped through a few channels and finally landed on some old cartoons he remembered from a few decades back, he wasn't a child but he still remembers them fondly enough to get a sense of nostalgia from them.

He messily ate the bacon and eggs, somehow not spilling a speck of it on himself while also chugging down the energy drink. After a few of the episodes of the cartoons had aired, he decided to see if Will needed anything. He tidied up, turned off the TV and headed downstairs.

Will was unlocking the front door and turning the closed sign to open. He noticed Solomon and turned around,

"Hey, mind helping me?" he asked, Solomon nodded and walked over to counter. Will put on his black vest over his white t-shirt, the t shirt was to give the illusion of a dress shirt which Will hated and refused to wear.

As Solomon approached the counter, a look of moderate anger flashed over Will's face really quickly.

"Oh, right, I just remembered something I was going to ask you." Will said through gritted teeth, Solomon's eyes shot open as he remembered it too.

"How could you have thrown away that book, Solomon? It was so antique and it was a gift from Cornet." Will said.

"I know, I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. I was just in a mad rush to clean the apartment before we had company last night," Solomon said, Will sighed.

"I know, just... I'm glad you got it back when you did," Will said. "I should give you a punishment but since we're both adults, how about you just go read the book and learn some of the magic? Who knows, it could be helpful someday."

"I think that's punishment enough... but alright, I guess it couldn't hurt to give some of the spells a try." Solomon said. Will smiled,

"Great, I'll try to read some of it too so if one of us fails at it, at least one of us can back the other up."

"Sounds like a plan, but what about if we both fail at it?" Solomon said, Will sighed.

"Well, there's always your brother and Tadala, though I don't know if she wants to come back here after what happened last night." Will said, Solomon's faced turned grim.

"Don't remind me, I didn't know someone could get food poisoning that badly, especially a demon," Will and Solomon both shuddered.

"But ah well, she's still our friend no matter how sick we make her."

"I guess you're right... alright, I'll wait until Theo gets here to start reading, that way I can use him as a test dummy for spells"

"Sounds good, just don't kill him, you only have one brother," Will said, Solomon laughed.

"I won't, I won't... be right back," Solomon said as he hurried up the stairs.

He returned a minute later with the book, it was an old leather bound book, the pages had turned yellow from age. The pages were made of hemp which meant it was somewhat old since it was usually not used in paper production anymore. It had held up well over the years, especially considering Solomon had thrown it into the trash. On the front were the words "Supellectilem Ex Libro" which roughly translated to either "Book of Stuff" or "Furniture from the Book". Since this book was not a Northern Living magazine issue, he decided it was the first one.

Solomon opened the book to a random page and began reading it quickly, Will kept cleaning the counter while he read. Suddenly he stopped,

"Okay, Will, mind handing me a glass?"

"Sure," Will pulled down one of the beer mugs from the rack above him.

"Okay, let's see...," Solomon swiped his hand through the air horizontally and the glass in front of him began to slowly deform and melt.

"What did you do?" Will asked, astonished but also slightly irritated that one of his cups had just been reduced to liquid.

"Go ahead, touch it," Will reluctantly touched the substance, expecting it to be molten and hot. Instead, it gave way with his hand and stuck to it, it was room temperature and smelled like tar but was not solid glass anymore.

"Incredible, care to do anymore to my now-ruined glass?" Will asked with a sharp tone as the glass slowly melted into a puddle, Solomon laughed.

"Sure, let's see...," Solomon flipped a few pages as Will tried to keep the blobby glass from falling off the table.

"Ah, here we go," Solomon put his hands together and made an angle with them like a rooftop. The glass in front of him turned back to its' normal shape really quickly. Will touched it and it was indeed solid glass again.

"See, fixed it, anything done with magic can be undone with more magic," said Solomon proudly, Will sighed.

"That's not a good motto to live by, you know?" Will said, Solomon laughed and put the book down on the table and closed his eyes. "Man, magic takes a lot out of you, I need to rest my eyes for a minute."

"This is why you need to be training with this book, you need to build up strength in magic or you'll fall in battle."

"I understand, Will, don't worry. I'm not the only one who needs to study though, you do as well. Your antlers won't always save you." Solomon said, Will rubbed his antlers.

"They've saved me countless times before, but I know what you mean, I will study but not right now when customers could be in at any time." Will said.

"You sound hopeful, even though it's only 5 AM" Solomon said with a chuckle, his eyes still closed.

"Plenty of people get drunk off their asses at 5AM, just you wait," Will said confidently.

"You realize it's storming outside, right?" Solomon said coolly. Will was shocked by this.

"No, wait, what??" Will quickly headed over to the window and looked out, indeed it was now storming. Heavy torrents of rain fell and coated the streets. Thunder suddenly boomed overhead.

"How did I not notice this?" Will asked.

"That thunder was perfectly timed, how coincidental," Solomon said. Will put the wet floor sign down near the entrance as he knew he'd need it since everyone tracked in water. He also put down the door mat.

Suddenly, a man came bursting through the door in a coat, his hood pulled up. The door swung so fast, Will barely had time to jump out of the way. Solomon's eyes burst open at the commotion.

"Hey buddy, watch where you're g-" Will said, he was cut off as the man removed his hood. It was Theo.

"Sorry. Will, I didn't know you'd be there, the rain is coming down hard and I'd rather not get my fur soaking wet."

His stark white fur was already somewhat wet, matted down by the rain. Solomon realized he hadn't closed the door.

"Close the door, Theo!" Solomon said, Theo quickly closed the door quickly and water settled on the floor.

"I'll get a mop and some towels, don't do the thing dogs do, Theo." Will walked into the back, which was behind the counter.

"I'm not an animal, Will, sheesh." Theo stood still, not wanting to track water over the bar. He wiped his shoes on the mat but it was already soaking wet so it was to no avail. His white fur was dripping water, and, like his brother, amongst the sea of white were two eyes, one red and one green.

Will returned a second later with a mop and a few towels for Theo to wipe himself off on. He removed his jacket and shirt to dry his fur. Theo was somewhat more filled in than Solomon, he had a defined chest and belly as well as big arms that complimented the rest of his body. He quickly dried off and handed the towels back to Will which were now covered in a light sprinkling of white hair and full of water.

"Thanks, Theo," Will said and handed Solomon the towels. Solomon took them to the back where a basket of dirty laundry sat, he through them into it and walked back into the bar area. Will was mopping up the water and squeezing the water into a bucket.

"So, Solomon, how are you?" Theo asked, Solomon eyed him.

"Pretty good... hey, do you wanna be a test dummy for my magic training?" Solomon asked, Theo shrugged.

"Not really but if it actually gets you to learn some magic, I'm fine with losing a limb or two," Will laughed under his breath and Solomon scowled at Theo.

"Come on then, let's go upstairs so we don't bother Will," Solomon said, Will continued cleaning.

"See ya, Will." Theo said as they hurried upstairs.

"This might be our last time talking since Solomon might kill you, see ya!" Will said,

"He's not gonna die, shush," Solomon yelled from upstairs. Will laughed and continued cleaning.

"I. Hate. Rain." Will said as he cleaned up the filthy water.

"I feel ya, at least it never rains at my house, only snows," Theo said, as they walked upstairs.

"Get up here, nerd!" Solomon yelled down, Theo laughed.

"Be right there," Theo said as he took the stairs two at a time, causing the floor to shake. Will took his now-full bucket of water and dumped it down the drain.

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