Myth: Volume One

Back and now being written much better, this story follows Will Winters who is the owner of a small bar in New York City. The bar is run by Will and his roommate, Solomon. A looming threat is coming back with a vengeance, will Will and his friends be ready?


7. Memories


Will was in shock, he didn't know what to think, how could he be permanently blinded by such a simple spell.

"You're joking right, your majesty, a little dark humor before you fix him?" Theo asked, shakily. She shook her head,

"I am afraid I am not joking, he has permanently lost his eyesight in that eye." Cornet said, her head low.

Will was shaking at this point, he backed up some for what he was about to do. The only thing he could think of to do next. He pulled the syringe he had retrieved from his dresser, uncapped it, and jabbed it into his arm. He heard Solomon scream "No!" and Cornet looked at him with amazement and fear as if she wanted to stop him but was curious as to what would happen.

Will's entire body turned cold and he began to slip into a deep sleep. He saw Solomon rush towards him as his eyes closed. Cornet stood there, unmoving as his eyes drooped and closed.


"Attention passengers, we seem to be experiencing some turbulence, just sit tight and don't wander about just yet. Thank you for choosing Airway Airlines."

Will sat in an airplane cabin, his seat was plush and extremely soft. He had opted for first class, the person sitting next to him was very nice and a lovely person she was also deaf, she had indicated this when Will had mistakenly tried to speak to her, she had pointed to her ears and made the sign for "deaf". Thankfully, Will knew sign language, he had learned it from his father after one of his childhood friends had gone deaf after an accident which left him deaf.

The pilot had just come over the intercom, Will found his voice somewhat grating, he sounded like he wanted to just drive the plane into the ground. Will wondered why someone who sounded so bored with their job would want to continue doing it. As he pondered this, the hostess approached them,

"Would either of you like some peanuts?" she asked,

"No thank you," Will said, the woman, Denise, next to him signed to the hostess, "No, but thank you for the offer"  she smiled and walked to the next person and asked the same. 

"I always hated those peanuts," Denise signed, Will nodded in agreement. He had always hated the peanuts, too salty, so much so that they kind of burned. Will was flying to Alaska to visit his dad. He lived in Fairbanks, it was a rather lovely place. Airway Airlines was the only airline that would fly out this far so Will had no other choice but to fly with them. Just recently, Will had seen in the news that someone had been attacked on one of their planes and had been sued. He wondered if this was the same plane he had been attacked on... the hostess did seem shady so it wouldn't surprise him.

He looked over and saw that Denise was looking out the window, when he turned she also turned and looked at him,

"So, why are you going to Alaska?" Will signed, trying to make small talk.

"I always wanted to see Denali, it's really beautiful this time of year," she replied. The pilot came over the intercom again,

"Attention passengers, we will be arriving in Fairbanks International Airport shortly, please prepare for descent. It is a lovely Thursday morning in Fairbanks, we recommend getting some hot chocolate in the terminal! Thank you for choosing Airway Airlines!" 

"Well, we're nearly there," Denise signed, "Hey, would you like to have my phone number, you can text me later? You've been a great seat partner." 

"Okay and thank you, you have been too," Will signed, Denise handed him a slip of paper with her number on it, Will promised to text her. He never did.

The plane landed, Will and Denise said their goodbyes and left the plane. Will walked into the airport to the luggage return, his backpack came around and he grabbed it. 

Will left the airport and got in a cab, he was heading for his father's home.

Will paid the cab driver and he sped off, Will was now standing in front of his father's house. He quickly approached the door and knocked, Will heard a fumbling sound inside and someone approached the door. The door flew open and his father stood there, ragged and unshaven. His face had become slightly more tan and he wore a big smile,

"Oh, hey son, what a nice surprise!" his father, Miki, said, happily. "You should've told me, I would've cleaned up a bit, come on in"

Will walked inside, his father's house was very messy, he sat down on the couch as his father rushed around trying to clean up the room.

"So, what brings you here? I was preparing to go camping for the rest of the week" his father said, he pointed to guns and supplies against the wall.

"Oh, can I join you?" Will asked, his father nodded.

"Sure, I really needed some father-son bonding time"  his father laughed. "Stay here and I'll go get you some warm clothes and pack a little more supplies. Will nodded as his father left the room.

Will looked around, the walls were decorated with furs, animal horns and animal heads. His design style was very... native and interesting. On one wall, was a single photo, one of his mother, Anana Winters with his father, Miki Winters, it was their wedding photo.

His father returned with a large jacket and thermal clothes, Will walked into another room and changed into them.

Will returned to the living room and grabbed the backpack his father had prepared him, Will decided to leave his other backpack at his father's house. 

"Let's go, Will" his father said as he headed towards the front door.

"Coming!" Will said, he quickly followed after him. They got in his old clunky truck, they were driving to the place where his father took him to hunt when he was a child.  Will remembered it fondly because of his mother, she went with them camping. Will missed her, he could sense that his dad still missed her since her passing five years ago.

Will and his father grew apart after that, Will decided to fix that this weekend, he wanted his father to feel better, to get over her. Though, even Will himself could barely bring himself to get over her. He had loved his mother, her name flowed off the tongue like water. Anana, which means "soft" and Will knew she lived up to her name, he remembered how soft her hugs and kisses were. Just thinking about it brought subtle tears to his eyes. He loved her so much and to have her ripped away from both of them scarred them both deeply.

They arrived at the clearing before the woods, the trees were thick, there was a light layer of snow but not much. 

"Here we are, let's head in." his father said. He hiked his backpack on his back and headed into the woods. Will followed after him, it was hard to match his father's pace because he tended to speed up and slow down at random. They marched for what seemed like an hour through the fallen snow, it crunched softly below their feet. Will swore he saw a moose but it moved away too fast for him to tell.

Soon, they reached a small clearing, it was much smaller than Will remembered, which was probably because he had grown so much since then. His father went to a corner of the clearing and made their tents. As it was beginning to grow dark, Will gathered brush from the trees and started a fire. Will tended to the fire as his father rolled a large overturned log close to the fire, which he then sat down on. Will joined him,

"I love camping, your mother did too. Do you remember her, Will?" his father asked, his voice cracked and tears started to form in his eyes. He seemed so pitiful, it seemed he would never truly over her, she was just too amazing to get over. 

"Of course, dad, I loved her."  Will said, tears streamed down his father's face. Will hugged his father and he hugged him right back. 


"We'll begin hunting tomorrow, for now, let's sleep."  Will's father said as he walked into his tent. It was snowing outside and very windy. The fire had died and moonlight permeated the area with a faint light. Will hurried into his tent, he turned on the lamp and found his blankets. He turned the lamp off, the tent was semi dark, the moonlight lit up the tent slightly. It was rather serene, Will began to softly hum a song, he couldn't place where he had heard it. He was wrapped up in all his blankets and wasn't phased by the cold wind that seemed to whip the tent occasionally.

Will was slowly starting to drift off to sleep as he heard his father's tent open, it sounded like he was in a rush. 

Will unzipped his tent to see his father running off into the distance. Will knew he wasn't going to the bathroom, unless he didn't want to be anywhere near the tent with it. Though, we established that we wouldn't wander far from our tents if we did. His father was far into the woods by now. Will unzipped his tent and hurried after him.

"Dad! Where are you going!" his father screamed ahead. He reached his father, he was on the ground, he looked like he was having a seizure. His father occasionally had seizures, Will was told not to touch him if he did. Though, if he didn't get him back to the tent, he would freeze to death. Plus, he needed to find something for his father to bite down on, if he didn't, he could break his teeth. 

"Dad, what is it, what's wrong?" Will's father didn't answer, he went still. Will's heart immediately dropped, he was sure his father was dead. Will checked his pulse, he still had a pulse but he wasn't moving, he had passed out. Thank goodness, Will thought.

Will picked his father up and began to walk back towards the clearing. That's when he began to hear voices,


"You have to..."

"You must..."

"Do it, now!"

Will broke off into a run, he knew the stories of the evil spirits that roamed the woods at night. He distinctly remembered a story his father had told him as a child...

"Will, I think you're old enough now for me to tell you about the wendigos." Miki said. Will looked at him, confused. He had randomly started talking to him before bed, Will was already in his pajamas and laying in bed.

"The what?" Will said, scoffing, he had been at the age where he would never listen to his mother or father.

"The wendigos, they're said to be evil spirits that roam the woods at night. Your grandfather told me about them just as his father told him, now I'm telling you, Will." Miki said, this seemed to grab Will's attention. Though he liked to be a "rebel teen" he also loved to hear Inuit folklore his father and mother told him from time to time.

"Tell me more, dad," Will probed. His father sat down on the bed next to him. 

"Well, son, wendigos are said to be spirits that roam the woods, looking for unsuspecting humans to possess. Once they do, the person is said to have an unquenchable hunger for human flesh..." he trailed off, Will was kinda disturbed by the level of violence his father was going into. "Once they quench that thirst, they undergo a transformation which turns them animal-like." 

"Jeez dad, isn't that a bit violent for 10 o' clock at night? Are you trying to give me nightmares?" Will interrupted, his father laughed.

"Well, it's true, just heed my warning and don't go into the woods at night, though I don't suspect I'll have any trouble from you."

"Especially since I hate those woods." Will said.

"Exactly, well, if somehow you do end up in the woods at night, ignore the whispers and run away from them." Miki said as he left Will's room. "Good night."

"Night dad," 

Will forgot what he was doing and tripped over a rock, falling face first into the cold snow which stung his face. His father flew from his arms and fell onto the forest floor in front of him like a ragdoll. He tried to reach for him, he fought the urge to pass out, he didn't want his father and himself to freeze to death in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. He tried to stand but couldn't and fell back down again, his father was stirring in front of him. That was the last thing he saw before he passed out.


Will woke with a start, he was on the forest floor. It was still night and his father was no where to be seen. He might've started running again, Will thought. He had a headache and sensed that something wasn't right, besides his father running off and disappearing. Will looked at himself, that's when he began to scream. His hands had become bloody claws, his legs had become taller and more jointed. His skin was grey and wrinkly, his face had sunken in and elongated. His arms and legs, even his stomach had become skinnier and more sunken in. He looked as if he hadn't eaten in years. He felt the top of his head and noticed he had antlers, like a deer or an elk. 

Will looked behind himself and he saw a large splatter of blood and bits and pieces of... what looked like human flesh and his father's wedding ring. Will moved back in the snow in horror, he should've just let his father run into the woods, he should've never gone after him. It was selfish but his father might've had a chance to live if he hadn't. Will had come to the realization that he had eaten him, he had eaten his father.

Will was in utter disbelief, he had no idea what to do. He ran, Will could run faster in his new form and he ran farther and farther into the woods until he couldn't think. Will knew what he was now, he had read about them in books and his mother and father had read bedtime stories about them, he thought they couldn't possibly exist. Will was now a wendigo.

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