Myth: Volume One

Back and now being written much better, this story follows Will Winters who is the owner of a small bar in New York City. The bar is run by Will and his roommate, Solomon. A looming threat is coming back with a vengeance, will Will and his friends be ready?


10. A Rather Peaceful Meeting




A Rather Peaceful Meeting


Will landed on his face, he needed to practice teleporting more. Solomon looked exhausted and Tadala was looking off into the distance. They were now standing on the Moonlit Spire, they waited for a while. Suddenly, they all heard a ripping sound and Theo appeared, looking exhausted like Solomon was.

"Sorry I didn't pick up the phone, I was in the shower, I came as soon as I heard," Theo said, Will looked closer at his fur and it was indeed damp and he smelled of soap. A familiar voice replied to Theo,

"Oh, that's good, just in time for your absolute death," A large figure came from the darkness, Queen Gallia. Gallia is so dramatic, Will thought. Though, he didn't have much time to think and all that he said was:

"You... how did you even...," he trailed off,

"No time for that now, now is the time for THIS!" Gallia grabbed Theo and opened a rift. Opening a rift was terribly dangerous even for someone as powerful as Queen Gallia. She jumped through it and Will, Solomon and Tadala followed right behind her.

They felt like they were ripped in half as they traveled through the dimension rift, Tadala had experienced this millions of times so it barely affected her. When they arrived, it felt like their ripped pieces were forced back together. Will knew where they were immediately, he looked down into the darkness. They were on top of Gallia's castle, they were now up much higher on the Moonlit Spire.

The wind howled as Tadala, Solomon, and Will stared down Gallia who slowly flapped her large silvery wings, flicking small bits of silver each time they beat, hovering in place. Within her metal body was Theo, he struggled in the liquid gallium to no avail.

"Theo!" Solomon screamed, he dashed forward but Gallia stopped him with a burst of liquid metal to the face. It knocked him completely down and seemingly glued him to the ground. His sword skittered onto the platform away from him.

Seeing this, Tadala performed a spell which coated her in a bubbly aura. She jumped up and slashed at Gallia with her claws. Little beads of gallium fell off of her and off the side of the tower. Gallia screamed in pain as Tadala fell down next to Will. 

Gallia collapsed onto the floor of the platform, her form rippled like music was being played from within her. Suddenly, three holes opened up in her, two for her eyes and one for her mouth. Her eyes were black as was her mouth, it was terrifying to say the least.

Tadala hadn't managed to knock Theo from inside Gallia so he just lay inside her, motionless and wide eyed with terror. 

Wordlessly, Gallia suddenly dashed forward in her blobby shape. Tadala was nearly struck as Will stuck his antlers in front of her and blocked her attack. She seemed shocked by this, he had never done this in front of her before since he hadn't trained to do it before the war. Tadala quickly put a spell on Gallia that would make her lighter than she was.

With her now impaled on his horns, he waved his head forcefully in an upwards arc like a baseball batter. She flew far and, as she flew, Theo dislodged from inside her and fell onto the platform hard. Gallia gracefully fell off the side of the platform, too wounded to reform her wings. 

Theo yelled in pain, grasping the leg he had landed on, he had fallen from a large height so Will believed he had broken something. However, Will couldn't move over to him due the dizziness he got from the sudden head movement. That combined with the height they were at made Will want to lie down. 

He fought this feeling and stayed standing up, he ran over to Solomon who was still struggling in the liquid metal and pulled him free with a sharp tug which made them both fall down onto the ground. The metal Solomon was trapped in melted off the side of the platform.

Solomon, Theo, Will and Tadala all stood together again, this time they wanted to not split up unless they knew she was down.

Suddenly, Gallia shot up from the side of the platform, her wings reformed with the metal that had fallen off the side. She rocked the platform sideways and nearly made everyone fall. She laughed loudly and everyone held on, the platform was pushed back to normal with Tadala's magic but using this magic caused a large crack to appear in the platform. No one had fallen off, thankfully, but Gallia was still above them, laughing.

Solomon pulled back an arrow in his bow and let it fly towards Gallia. It hit her and she fell, still laughing maniacally. Everyone rushed forward the moment she hit the ground and started to slash at her, her laughs turned to angry screams as everyone hacked away at her with their swords and other weapons.

Suddenly, she shot up again and took off into the sky but not before wrapping herself around Tadala. Now Tadala was trapped inside her body. Solomon had lost all but one of his arrows when Gallia trapped him in metal, she had taken them inside herself. 

Instead of just staying in the air, she dived at Will with her body morphed into spikes, he jumped out of the way just in time to not be impaled. She tried to dive at Theo but before she could, a portal appeared and a man stepped out.

He aimed a revolver at her and fired it quickly, too fast for her to respond. A crayon-shaped projectile came out and pierced Gallia, she erupted in a rainbow of color across her metallic body. It was actually quite lovely to watch as all small flecks of her fell off the sides of the tower. 

Tadala fell, she was unconscious from the blast, Will caught her quickly. He looked over and the man was Alkyd, dressed in his usual cowboy attire. The crack in the platform began to spread and soon the entire platform was beginning to collapse. Solomon and Will carrying Tadala ran over to Theo and him, 

"We have to get you guys out of here before she reforms and this entire tower collapses, let's go," Alkyd said, opening another portal, they all ran through and soon they were back at the bar, the sound of cracking and breaking behind them scared them that Alkyd wasn't going to make it.

Alkyd suddenly ran through the portal very quickly and closed it behind him, he seemed exhausted and collapsed into one of the chairs. Will heaved Tadala on the bar and checked her vital signs, she had a heartbeat and was still breathing, she was just unconscious, it seemed.

Solomon had a few cuts which Theo tended to with a first aid kit from the back while also treating his own injured ankle. Alkyd lit up a crayon from a small pack of crayons that were in his pocket, which he put to his lips and smoked like a cigarette. Sky-blue smoke like the color of the crayon spilled from his lips and nose,

"So, you three are the famous Cornet Trio then?" 

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