Myth: Volume One

Back and now being written much better, this story follows Will Winters who is the owner of a small bar in New York City. The bar is run by Will and his roommate, Solomon. A looming threat is coming back with a vengeance, will Will and his friends be ready?


9. A Not-So Mysterious Letter


A Mysterious Letter

Will had regained his strength rather quickly, he reopened the bar, which was now bustling since his introduction of Apera or sherry. The smell of it nauseated Solomon so he stayed upstairs most of the time, playing video games or watching TV, anything other than cleaning the apartment. 

Will and Theo stayed downstairs, tending to customers and dealing with the drunks that happened to come in, including one who was named Alkyd. He was named this as he was made entirely of paint. His skin swirled in combinations of blue, red, yellow, white, and black. His color changed somewhat depending on what mood he was in, like a living mood ring. He wore cowboy attire which no one really questioned as he seemed to be the cowboy type. He didn't speak much like a cowboy but most of the guys and girls of the bar had crushes on him including Theo. 

"So, what's with the cowboy getup?" Will asked, Theo shot him a death glare but Alkyd laughed.

"Oh, it's just a thing I wear, it makes people think I'm more badass and sexy," Alkyd said, Theo looked so intrigued. Alkyd threw back another vodka shot, his third as did Theo, his fifth. 

Theo had recently wanted to start helping Will since Solomon had stopped the lessons with him. His reasoning for stopping the lessons was that he had learned all he needed, which he pretty much had. If he didn't remember anything, all he had to do would be to consult the book which he did, regularly.

"So, where do you come from?" Theo asked, tipsy from all the alcohol.

"Oh, I don't know where I'm from... isn't that kinda sad?" Alkyd laughed, he was also tipsy at this point.

It was nearing 1AM which was when the bar closed so Will had to try to usher everyone out as soon as he could. Once all the regulars were gone, he just had to deal with Theo and Alkyd, but by the time he turned back around from helping an old couple out the door, Alkyd was gone.

Theo was drunk and falling down so Will used some magic to teleport him home and made sure he was in bed, the doors and windows were locked, and that no one had broken in before he went back to the bar.

Solomon walked downstairs once Will had closed the bar, it was nearing 1 AM at this point and Will was really tired.

"Got any mail today?" Will pointed to the counter, Solomon saw the large pile of envelopes.

"Well, do we?" Solomon asked, Will was obviously mildly irritated but laughed it off in his sleepy stupor.

Solomon was smiling obnoxiously.

"Dork, just talk to me about what's in that pile tomorrow, good night," Will said, Solomon nodded as Will trudged upstairs.

Most of it was random junk mail, there was a letter from someone with the initials QG that caught his eye, the envelope was grey-colored and smelled of rust. Solomon had an idea of who it might be, but he wanted to be wrong. Oh, how he wanted to be wrong. He sliced open the envelope and pulled out the letter, it read,

"Dear Will,

By now you probably know who this is. If not, you are very moronic and childish. I have arranged to meet you at the Moonlit Spire in Canada. I will meet you there at exactly 2 AM EST, don't be late!



Solomon knew exactly who it was, she had never been kind and wasn't the best with words, seriously, who says moronic and childish in the same sentence? Solomon thought. He ran upstairs, much to the surprise of Will who was sitting on the couch, watching Toonami. He handed him the letter, shakily, he was afraid of Will's reaction would be, he braced himself for a panic.

"This better be good enough to interrupt me watching my shows," Will said, grabbing the letter.

He read it calmly at first which surprised Solomon, he then began to read it earnestly. He handed it back to Solomon and looked at the clock. It was 1 AM, Eastern Standard Time was one hour behind their current time so they had two hours to get to the tower. Will hurried to his phone and called Tadala, shaking as he spoke, who appeared a moment later through Will's closet.

Will's closet acts as a gateway between her dimension and his dimension, the door is always locked and only Will and Tadala have a key. Queen Cornet arranged this for them after she recruited Tadala into her army. The door meant that Tadala was technically the third roommate of Will's apartment which he thought was neat.

"What's up?" Tadala asked, Will gave her the letter which she read really quickly. She seemed angry and threw the paper into the air, snapped her fingers, and the letter erupted into flames and was ash in mere seconds.

"So, she's still alive, figures," Tadala said. "You can't kill a spider that easily."

"We need to prepare ourselves for this, who knows what she's planning. Solomon, Tadala, gather your weapons." Will said.

Solomon ran over to his room and grabbed his sword and bow, his bow was a work of craftsmanship, created for him by Queen Cornet, it was made of bronze and the string was made of strong enchanted silk that would allow the user to see where their arrow would land when they drew an arrow. 

Tadala went back into her house and came back later with her main weapon, her metal claws. She really had never given them a proper name, she had made them with a strong titanium and gold compound which made them appear gold-like in color and they fit on her fingers. They essentially were long knives that would slice through most anything but would not hurt the wearer or friends, they seemingly had their own mind that would obey Tadala's beck and call. 

Will usually used his antlers as a weapon but he decided to grab his sword, which was made of obsidian and was inlaid with glowing phosphorescent stones that gave it power and a strong aura. His sword could also make him activate his berserker mode whenever he wanted to, but it would drain him so he tried not to use it unless he had to.

"This will obviously be a trap, can we handle it? I don't want to have to pick any of my flattened or maimed friend's body off the ground." Tadala said, Will frowned.

"I think we can do this, we just need to prepare ourselves and we'll be golden. Tadala, go strengthen your magic at home. Solomon and I will get warmed up for a battle here, we have some extra time so why don't we go in hot and tackle this head on?" Will said, Tadala nodded in agreement and smiled, which was rare for her. She went off into her house and the door closed behind her. 

Will looked over and Solomon was sitting on the couch next to his weapons, calling someone on his cellphone, most likely Theo.

"He's not answering his phone, he's either asleep or entertaining guests, I left him a voicemail about what's going on, if he shows, he shows, if not, oh well." Solomon said, standing up. "Let's get warmed up."

Solomon and Will spent the next hour doing some exercises to warm their tired bodies up, they also sharpened and tuned their weapons to be sharp and ready for action. 

Tadala returned a little later, seemingly more perky and emitting a strong sense of power.

"Alright, are we ready?" Tadala asked, Solomon and Will grabbed their weapons and nodded.

"Theo hasn't shown himself so I'm gonna assume he may show up later so be prepared, we don't have time to deal with him, we're on a tight schedule and we need to leave..." Solomon trailed off and looked at the clock, it was 2:37 AM, they had twenty three more minutes. "!" Solomon said finally.

"If you guys are completely ready, let's teleport." Tadala said, extending her hands to them, they each grabbed one of her hands and then each others. They held hands and closed their eyes as Tadala recited a chant and then they were pulled away to Canada.



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