Myth: Volume One

Back and now being written much better, this story follows Will Winters who is the owner of a small bar in New York City. The bar is run by Will and his roommate, Solomon. A looming threat is coming back with a vengeance, will Will and his friends be ready?


13. A New Customer Appears

A New Customer Appears

Will was hurriedly cleaning tables and counters while Solomon made various drinks at the bar. The bar was very busy for such a late hour, all the drunks were either tipsy and talking to random other tipsy patrons or passed out at their tables. 

Will always hated taking care of the drunk patrons and making sure they got home okay. One of these patrons was Mrs. Carade. She was still somewhat conscious and able to talk, even though she was very buzzed. She and Solomon were talking at the bar now that everyone's drinks were served,

"...So, who do you think will win?" Solomon said quietly.

"I put fifty on the Zombies," Mrs. Carade whispered. 

Will heard them and walked over to the counter, surprising them both. Solomon slowly turned around to see him,

"Are you two gambling?" Will asked, quietly tapping his foot. Solomon was noticeably flustered.

"Of- of course not, Will, why would I ever do the thing I was supposed to have broken a long time ago," Solomon said, now noticeably sweaty through his fur.

"Solomon, I thought we established that you were to never gamble again, you've lost way too much money to people because of it," Will said, slightly peeved. 

"It's just one time for old times sake, isn't that right, Mrs. Carade?" Solomon said, looking at her.

"Of course, I would never encourage extreme gambling for my benefit, this is just a one-time thing," Carade said, sipping her martini. "I've already taken enough money from you, Solomon, there's no point in taking any more."

Will eyed them both judgingly as the front door to the bar opened. It was rare that a new customer came in at this time of night but it was a full moon after all.

The man who came in was shrouded in a dark brown hood that obscured his face completely, a blue poof of something poked out from the top of his hood. Will tried not to stare at it but found that they were veiny flower petals, he was most likely dealing with a Floric.

He had never served a Floric before but wanted to make a good first impression. He had always been intrigued by them and wanted to learn more. Who better to learn from than an actual Floric! Will thought, excitedly.

"Hello! Welcome to Winter!" Will said across the counter to the new customer, the customer removed his hood and Will was immediately taken aback by his appearance. 

The Floric had a large blue flower on his head with a magenta center and magenta speckles, he wore a long-sleeve shirt and blackish colored jeans. His skin was the color of fresh spring grass and a sweet smell filled the bar almost immediately after he removed his cloak.

He approached the counter and closer to Will who seemed slightly flustered,

"Oh-oh hi, can I get you anything?" Will said, trying to stifle his excited smile. The Floric sat down and tapped his fingers on the counter.

"Hmmm, let me get just a water, I've been travelling for a bit and I just need something to regain my strength," the Floric explained, "Open a tab for me, I'll probably be here for a while,"

"Coming right up," Will turned around and filled a beer flask with water from the tap. He handed it to the Floric who removed the cloak from his arm and placed his hand in the water.

Will was shocked at first but watched as the water slowly drained from the glass, he was absorbing the water into his hand like plants did with their roots.

"That's so cool," Will said, the Floric looked up.

"You've never met one of us, have you?" The Floric asked, Will shook his head. "Well, we can drink with our hands, it gets the water into our system faster. We can also drink with our mouths but what's the fun in that?"

"That's amazing, care to tell me anymore things about Florics?" Will asked, the Floric was confused but chuckled.

"Sure, I'm Robur by the way," the Floric said.

"I'm Will, nice to meet you," Will extended his hand and Robur shook his hand with his wet hand, it felt slimy but Will ignored this.

Robur started to explain various things about Florics from where he lived to how similar he was to humans, which was a lot. Will eventually began to explain things about Wendigos and what they were. 

Meanwhile, Solomon and Mrs. Carade continued watching the TV, betting on the sports event it was showing. Solomon eventually lost and handed a smug Mrs. Carade a fifty dollar bill.

"Wow, I never knew Florics were so interesting," Will said, astounded.

"I never knew Wendigos were so interesting either," Robur said, stirring the straw in his drink. Will had given him some whiskey which was starting to make him tipsy and he was now blushing. "You're a really cool guy, Will, I'm glad I met someone nice for my first time visiting a big city," 

"I'm glad I could make a good first impression," Will said, laughing slightly. By this time, all of the other patrons had left and Solomon was behind the bar, cleaning glasses. 

"The bar's closed, do you have anywhere to stay for the night?" Will said, cleaning the counter around Robur. He suddenly looked a bit embarassed.

"No, I don't but I don't want to impose..." Robur trailed off, Will felt sorry for him instantly.

"No, you won't be imposing if you stay, it's better you stay safe in here than out on the streets, they're dangerous at night for cryptids like us."

"Why is that?" Robur said, intrigued.

"Queen Gallia's minions wander the streets at night, it's not safe," Will said, Robur slammed his fist down on the counter suddenly, shocking both Will and Solomon. 

"Do not say that name around me," Robur said, angrily. The flower petals on his head were beginning to ruffle and shake.

"I-I'm sorry... might I ask why?" Will asked, cautiously. He didn't want to make Robur even more mad, he hadn't expected that just saying her name would cause this.

"She... she was the one who destroyed my village, she burned it to the ground, I watched my friends burn alive," Robur said, the flower petals on his head ceased movement. He placed his head down on the counter into the sleeves of his cloak.

Will put his hand to his mouth, tears formed in his eyes. The realization dawned upon him about what had happened to Robur.

"You're a survivor of the war... I remember hearing reports of... her burning down a village of Florics, Veraca. The reports said there were no survivors but here you are..." Will said.

"I'm so sorry, Robur," Solomon said. Robur looked up at them, his yellow eyes had become puffy and teary. Will walked over to him and gave outstretched his arms for a hug, Robur looked at him and then looked away.

"I don't want sympathy but I will accept your hug," Robur said, stirring his drink with his finger. Will slowly hugged him and Robur felt warm, he needed this.

"Don't feel bad about staying here tonight, it's not done in pity but in cryptid decency," Solomon said, smiling. Robur looked over and slowly smiled back to him.

"Thank you."

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