Lost Memories

Silver the Hedgehog lives in the future. He lives a great life: working for a secret agency, owning a beautiful house, and having psychokinetic powers, but when a strange hedgehog comes around, he learns that this life was not what he use to live.


1. Prologue

It was done…

The world and time itself was saved thanks to three brave hedgehogs. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver fought the ancient sun god, Solaris, and returned order to the world, but that won’t stop him from rising again. They’ll have to erase Solaris from time, but…

“You and I… will never meet…” Princess Elise started to cry. “To tell you the truth… I don’t care what happens to the world!”

Sonic frowned, not believing how selfish the princess of Soleanna could be. He knows that, somehow, Elise formed a bond with him, but he didn’t feel the same way. He was a hedgehog; she was a human. It would never work.

“Elise.” Sonic looked up at the human girl. “Smile.” he smiled and nodded her on, to blow out the flame and erase this event from time.

She nodded and smiled, blowing out the flame, and causing the, already black limbo, world to go dark.





A hedgehog awoke, light from the window shining into his golden eyes. He glanced around his room and yawned as he stepped out of bed. He groggily walked to his bathroom and rubbed his eyes, trying to wake up more. He looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. His already crazy quills were a mess! He pulled out a special brush for quills and tried to tame the white mess. Once he was done, he proceeded to his daily morning routine: taking a shower, rebrushing quills, eating cereal, and putting on his jumpsuit that he had to wear to work along with a headset. The lines that ran throughout it glew blue because of his powers of psychokinesis.

He took in the fresh air as he stepped out of his house. The sun shone down on him brightly like it wouldn’t exist tomorrow. He smiled as he walked through the small town that he lived in on his way to the city. He wished that he could live closer to his job, but he didn’t like the big city and it’s highly polluted air. As he walked, he thought about the dream he has been having for a while.

‘Why do I have these dreams?’ he thought. It’s always been the same dream: he lives in a strange ruined world with lava along with a purple cat. Then, he meets another hedgehog that tells him to kill some blue hedgehog from the past to save his world. He met so many people in the past, but it was all a dream. He never met a purple cat, and his world was fine. There was no lava, no monster, and no crumpled buildings.

He sighed as he walked into the big city, with it’s boring buildings and a black cloud of smoke above. No, the world wasn’t on fire, but everybody was going to die of pollution soon enough.

“Hey, get back here!” A voice shouted.

The hedgehog’s ear twitched as he looked over to his right, but soon regretted it because a figure ran right into him, causing him and the figure to fall. He locked eyes with the figure, that he now saw was a black and red hedgehog. The ruby eyes of the other widened. “It’s you…”

“Me?” he asked as he stared at the familiar looking hedgehog.


“H-How do you know my name?”

The black and red hedgehog shook his head. “Nevermind.” Then another shout was heard, and the hedgehog ran off without another word.

“Agent Silver!” the sound of his boss snapped him out of his confusion as he stood up.

“Y-Yes sir!?”

“You had him right in the palm of your hand! Why didn’t you catch him!?”

“Who was he?” Silver asked.

“His name is Shadow the Hedgehog. He is wanted for many thefts. I’ve told you this before!”

The white hedgehog blushed in embarrassment. In truth, he hadn’t been listening then. “Uh…”

“You never listen…” his boss sighed. “Always going off in your daydreams…”

“Sorry boss…” Silver said, ears down. “B-But I’ll listen this time!”

“Shadow is a dangerous hedgehog, often being called the ultimate lifeform, and he has been reported for stealing these powerful emeralds that have to remain in government custody. We have been trying to capture him long before you joined G.U.N.”

“I see…” Silver said, intrigued. “I’m sorry that I let him get away, sir. I’ll get him the next time I see him.”

“If you’d see him again.” his boss sighed. “Shadow doesn’t make the same mistake twice. He’s smart, fast, and extremely powerful. You’d be lucky if you were to even hear of him again.”

The agent nodded sadly. His thoughts were swarming inside him. ‘How did he know my name? What kind of powers does he have? How does he know me…?’

Things seemed to go back to normal after that. Since he was a rookie, he didn’t have much to do at the agency called G.U.N. He spent his time there, then started walking towards a school. He never got an education, especially since his parents died when he was younger. He was still fourteen, so G.U.N. gave him somewhat of a good education. The reason he was walking towards the school was because his best friend was about to get out.


“Hey Chaos.” Silver smiled at his friend. Chaos was a blue hedgehog with black stripes and emerald eyes. She was a bit smaller than Silver, but she made up for it in speed. She loved to run, and her speed was no match to anyone’s.

“How was work?” She asked.

“Same as always: boring and no fun.” Silver replied, not wanting to tell her about Shadow. “How was school?”

“More boring than your job.” She replied with a huff, making Silver chuckle as they walked to the smoothie shop.



    “It’s him!”


    “That Silver boy that I told you about.”

    “You mean the one from your dreams?”

    “They are not dreams! I told you that you don’t remember him because of Sonic and the princess erasing time!”

    “Shadow, you are going crazy. Is the immortal thing getting to you now?”

    “What? No!”


    “I’m not crazy, I tell you! I’m not!”

    “It’s been over 200 years since Sonic was alive, I think I’d remember if he did something like that.”

    “Yet you don’t!”

    “Shadow, calm down… That was just some crazy dream you had.”

    “It wasn’t!”

    “Should I get the shot again?”

    “I’m not crazy! I don’t need some stupid injection! I’m the ultimate lifeform! Knuckles, don’t you dare-”

    “Too late.”

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