Lost Memories

Silver the Hedgehog lives in the future. He lives a great life: working for a secret agency, owning a beautiful house, and having psychokinetic powers, but when a strange hedgehog comes around, he learns that this life was not what he use to live.


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3


    The silver hedgehog stood in front of the bright yellow smoothie shop. He was leaning against the wall, his dark uniform clashing with his surroundings. People stared at him as they walked by, wondering what he was doing, but they just continued on. He heard some girls giggling and whispering about him, causing a grin to appear on his pale muzzle. He didn’t dare talk to them though; he was to shy to do such a thing. Snow white ears twitched as he heard his best friend greet him.

    “Hello, Silver. Are you ready?” Chaos asked, almost nervously. Silver nodded eagerly, and followed her out of the city. He started to get confused when she lead him into a forest.

    “Why are we here?”

    “My home is on the other side.” Chaos replied simply. “Silver… You must not tell anyone of what and who you are about to see. If you do, then that could be a disaster to my family and my home…”

    Silver nodded. “I promise I won’t. Why do you want to keep your family a secret anyway?”

    “You’ll see why…” Chaos replied as they got to the end of the forest. Silver looked around for a house, but couldn’t find any. Chaos took his chin and pointed it up where a huge piece of land was floating in the sky. Silver’s eyes were wide as he looked at it. Chaos started to explain. “This is Angel Island, a land that use to have an ancient race, called the echidnas. Here is also where the last one lives along with a powerful jewel called the Master Emerald. My mom and I live with him.”

    “How do we get up there?”

    “With this.” Chaos pulled out a jewel that Silver knew very well.

    “That’s a chaos emerald!”

    “Yes, it is. My family can control the energy of these gems to do many things. I’m still learning…” She then quickly grabbed Silver’s hand and shouted, “Chaos control!”

    The pair disappeared, only to reappear in a beautiful forest environment. Silver wanted to look around, but Chaos grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards a tall altar where a red- well, Silver didn’t know what he was- sitting on the steps.

    “Knuckles!” Chaos shouted, causing the- hedgehog? anteater?- to look at them. He stood up and held his arms open, preparing for a hug that Chaos gladly took.

    “Hey Chaos.” The- some type of animal- smiled and looked at him. “This your friend?”

    Chaos nodded. “Knuckles, this is Silver. Silver, this is Knuckles the Echidna.”

    Silver’s eyes suddenly widened. Of course… he learned a little bit about the echidna race. “It’s nice to meet you… I-I’ve never seen an echidna before…”

    The echidna chuckled. “Of course you haven’t. I’m the last one.”

    “Knuckles… where’s mom?” Chaos asked, looking around.

    “He should be here soon.” Knuckles said.

    “Wait… did you just say-” Silver tried to ask, but a voice from the forest interrupted him.

    “Chaos! Did you bring your friend!?”

    “Yes, he’s right here!” Chaos called back.

    “Great.” A hedgehog came through the thick bushes and grass, causing Silver to gasp. It was the same hedgehog that he saw before!

    The dark hedgehog locked his ruby red eyes with Silver’s amber one’s and gasped, dropping the bowl of fruit he had collected. The two just stared at each other before the hedgehog named Shadow bolted back into the jungle. Silver followed him. “Wait!”

    Chaos and Knuckles looked at each other with wide eyes before following the two.

    “Wait! Please!” Silver called out, running out of breath. He quickly used his psychokinesis to lift him of the ground, making him go faster. He followed the fleeing hedgehog to an open area where many graves were. The hedgehog was lying in front of a grave, his head resting on a cold, hard gravestone. He was mumbling to himself.

    “This isn’t happening… It can’t be him…”

    “Excuse me?” Silver asked politely. The hedgehog’s head snapped to him, his eyes wide. “Please don’t run! I want to talk to you…”

    “About what?” The hedgehog snapped. “You’ll just say that I’m crazy. Everyone does…”

    “You were in a dream I had.” Silver said quickly. “Actually… I’ve had this dream a lot…”

    The hedgehog looked interested as Silver walked towards him. “What kind of dream…? What’s your name, kid?”

    “Silver.” The younger one said. “And the dream would take a while to explain… let’s just say that it involves you, me, and a blue hedgehog…” Silver then saw the name engraved into the stone. “That’s his name! Sonic!”

    Shadow instantly froze, hearing Sonic’s name. His ears went down, looking at the grave.

    “Mom! Silver!” Chaos shouted, running up to them with Knuckles. “Don’t run off like that!”

    “What happened, Shadow?” Knuckles asked, but then he saw the look in his eye. “Don’t start this again. Not while Chaos’ friend is here; you promised, remember?”

    Shadow looked back down, his words instantly dying out. “I am sorry for running away… Just came as a bit of a shock for me… I saw him earlier this week when I took the chaos emerald…”

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” Chaos looked at Silver.

    “It didn’t seem important at the time…” Silver replied. He then looked at Shadow. “Why are you taking the chaos emeralds away from G.U.N. anyway?”

    “They don’t belong to G.U.N. They belong here.” Shadow simply stated, still staring at Sonic’s grave.

    “What do you mean?” Silver asked. “The commander said that all of the chaos emeralds belong to them, and that Project: Shadow-”

    Shadow growled loudly, making Silver halt in his statement. “I don’t belong to them either!”

    “Mom, calm down!” Chaos said quickly, petting Shadow gently. “He doesn’t know…”

    Shadow sighed and slowly nodded. Knuckles looked at Silver. “You have a lot of nerve, working him up like that, kid.”

    “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…” Silver sighed. “I have so many questions to ask you all…”

    “Ask away.” Chaos smiled. “Just choose your words wisely… Mom gets mad real easily…”

    “Well, there’s the first one: mom?” Silver asked looking at Shadow. He definitely wasn’t a girl so…

    “Both of my parents are male. I know it seems weird, but my mother was created like that.” Chaos explained.

    “I was originally suppose to be a girl, but later on, that changed…” Shadow said calmly.

    “Then… who’s the dad?” Silver asked.

    Shadow and Chaos said nothing at first; they just stared at the grave before them. Then, Shadow finally spoke, ears down. “His name was Sonic…”

    Silver looked at the grave in surprise.  The same Sonic and Shadow from his dreams?

    “Let’s go back to the Master Emerald…” Knuckles said, not needing to say the rest. They all started to walk back. Shadow’s ears were still down, thoughts of Sonic coming back to haunt him. He glanced at Silver from time to time, trying to understand. Could this be a sign? Could he finally prove that he’s not crazy?

    The group got back and answered all of Silver’s questions, them mostly being about the island and how long they’ve been there. Afterwards, Shadow whispered in his ear to meet him at the graveyard tomorrow, so they could discuss the dream. Silver happily nodded and left the strange family on their island, where they will remain a secret.

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