My Demon

Nora Lovely has always been unique in her own way, but she's not normal in the slightest. She sees things, and sometimes hears things. She always sees a man in these visions, and she is determined to find out who he is. She soon finds out that the man in her dreams is real, but according to history is long dead. She goes in search of answers, and soon is taken captive inside a house that belonged to this man known as Iron mansion. This house holds mysteries, and the man that owns it can answer all of her questions.
She's walking amongst the Immortal, and some don't take kindly to who she resembles.


30. Safe House

How could he have created it, he wasn’t that old? I put my head on his shoulders, and as the a voice started to talk Iron went rigid. “That was scary mommy.” I could feel Iron staring down at me, “Who is this,” Iron’s voice was so soothing within my brain. The voices went silent, and his hand started to slowly rub my back. “Is that you Daddy?” The voice was sweeter than the last, more feminine. I looked up at Iron to see tears in his eyes, “Those are our babies, our children.” I nodded taking in his aroma, “It seems that they love their daddy.” His hands traveled up my back to my face lifting it to his. “I won’t let anyone hurt you are my children,” I felt so safe around Iron, “even if it costs me my life.” I grabbed his hands, “We’re in this together, we’ll protect our children.” 

He smiled and moved away from me, “We gotta get going, I already have clothes there, but you’ll have to pack.” He grabbed my hands, pulling towards the door with him. I stopped walking as my vision blurred a little. My heart rate was up, and pain came from my stomach again. This time the pain was more intense. Iron wrapped me in his arms, “Honey it’s something I have to tell you about the growth of the babies.” I looked up at him, but before I could say anything pain shot through me again. I sunk to the floor, Iron lead me slowly. “Why does it hurt so much,” my voice was shaking? “The babies will grow each day,” “What does that mean?”  He went silent but as he spoke my heart nearly burst, “It means you’ll have them at the end of the week.” “WHAT!” His face tensed, “Please don’t scream. It’s because I’m a god. They’ll come fast than a normal child.” I tried to breathe even though it was failing me. “How long do they have?” The pain had went away, and Iron pulled his arms around me.  “Two to three days baby. You’ll need to eat seven times a day, but for now we have get moving.” I got to feet, Iron pulled away from me. “Come on let’s get going.” 

We made our way to the car, the house was empty more empty than usual. The night sky was a deep blue, a depressing blue. My father used to tell that when the sky was dark the gods in the sky were crying. They were sad, he never said why. I used to think that the stars had stories, the stars were people who were in history. As I climbed into the car a small voice spoke as wind past by, “There secrets that you yet to understand.The stars hold the answers.” I looked over at Iron who was starting the car, “How did you make the prophecy?” I closed my door and he made his way out of the driveway. “Well, the stars tell that story. The stars hold every story, even ours.” I looked down at his hand that was resting on his knee, and I put my hand over it. “How does our story end?” He glanced at me, “Thats a question that neither I or any other god could answer.” I knew that inside a god, but he lied to me and I wanted to know why. “Why did you lie to me?” 

He looked at me his eyes so clear, “I didn’t lie to you. Doom a part of me. I have a human soul, Doom is what I born with.” I squeezed his hand, “I’m sorry honey I guess can’t imagine you hurting people.” He turned into the campus parking lot, “The god of death doesn’t hurt people. I helps them to the gates.” I laid my head down on his shoulder as he parked the car. “I’m not sure I want to know what the gates are,” I whispered as he opened his door. His gaze met mine, “You’ll find out what the gates are soon enough.” He climbed out of the car leaving me there, and I could the little heart beats speed up. He peeked his head back inside, “Are you coming? I can’t get into your room without you.” A smile spread across his face, “Sure you can’t.” I climbed out of the car, and as I closed the door I noticed my rather medium sized baby bump. I smiled to myself before meeting Iron on the sidewalk, and as we started walking I grabbed his hands. 

“What do you think we should name them?” He didn’t look at me, and his was really focused on the guy standing on the front steps. The man was broad with big strong arms, and from the tight white shirt he was sporting he had to work out daily. His hair was shoulder length like Irons, but his was a blonde color. As he turned Iron stopped in his tracks, and I looked over at him confused. I could feel the man standing before us staring at me, and I looked up I met by piercing blue eyes. I had never saw such a blue in my life, and he had a glow to him. A glow that made me wonder just who and what he was. Iron cleared his throat beside me, “Well, I see you’re doing good Hezus.” His hand tightened around mine as the man he called Hezus spoke. “You too, Iron. You understand what’s coming?” I looked over at Iron who’s expression had turned ice cold. “What exactly is coming,” his eyes went to me, “also, who are you?” 

He walked up to me, “Who might this young woman be?” He walked up to me his hand reaching out to touch my face, but before he could Iron grabbed it. “What are you doing here,” I could feel the hate in the air? He pulled his hand away, “Well, you know why I’m here. You!” Iron let my hand fall from his, “Well then you can leave.” He walked toward the door, “Nora come on.” I quickly followed him, but as I made it to the top of the stairs Hezus spoke. “Little brother! You’re pissing me off!” His tone was fiery, “What are you gonna do Hezus? Kill me. You couldn’t kill me if you tried.” Iron was so calm as he spoke, and he opened the door. I quickly went inside, “Iron… you want me to just go ahead.” He nodded, “Get as much as you can.” With that I made my way up the stairs, and as I reached my room I heard a lot of noise. I turned the nob to see people everywhere, and anger flooded me. I pushed my way through the hot bodies to my bedroom, and luckily it wasn’t messy. I grabbed my bag out of the closet, and started packing.

Christiana came into the room with a cloud of laughter, and as she saw me her smile vanished. I could tell she was drunk just by looking at me, and how she was dressed. “Wh…what are you doing back here Nor,” her words were slurred as she spoke. I could smell the liquor on her breathe from here, “I had to get some stuff, and don't call me Nor Christiana.” She laughed, “Why not? We’re friends,” I turned to her, “thats where you’re wrong, we’re not friends. Never have been friends.” I zipped up my bag rushing out of the room, and as I tried to exit it was more difficult than getting in. The dancing bodies were colliding glide there was no tomorrow, and each time I pushed between them the way to door got increasingly faint. I couldn’t focus on the music, and then I just broke. I could feel my body heating up, and as the people around me felt it they moved out the way. As I made it out of the door I felt my body relax, and I put my back to the door. 

I took in two deep breaths before I slowly made my way back to the front of the building. As I pushed open the door I was met by the smiling face of Iron, and as I looked out I saw the bloody bruised face of Hezus. He looked beyond angry, and I found it odd to know that he was Iron’s brother. Simply because they were really different. Iron took my bag carrying it to the car, and as I stepped on the passengers side Hezus was gone. I got in the car, and Iron followed after. He started the car pulling out of the parking lot slow and easy, and he seemed to be in happier mood than when I left him. “So that was your brother,” he didn’t glance at me but instead laughed. “Yeah it was.” “Do you too do that often?” He looked at me this time, his green eyes sparkling. “If you mean me kicking his ass often, then yes.” I couldn’t help but grin at his comment, “What kind of god is he then?” He pushed his hair behind his ear as he zoomed down a deserted road. 

“He’s the god of destiny. Something that death is more powerful then.” He turned down a road that was surrounded by trees, “What was your mother?” His eyes looked at the trees, “My mother was mortal, my father was Hades.” I nearly choked off my own spit, “You mean Hades, as in the god of the underworld Hades?” He nodded as he pulled into a driveway, and at the end stood a rather large cabin. He parked the car, and turned to me. “Welcome to my mother’s cabin.”  I smiled,” Why do you have to give it an entrance?” He climbed out of car grabbing my bag, and I followed. As we made it to the entrance he spoke, “I have to because this place isn’t what it seems.” As he opened the door to the cabin I was met by a rather fiery decor. As I stepped inside the room was way larger than expected, and as I turned to looked at Iron to ask what was going on I was met with him and only him. The door............the door was gone. “Welcome to the underworld.”

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