My Demon

Nora Lovely has always been unique in her own way, but she's not normal in the slightest. She sees things, and sometimes hears things. She always sees a man in these visions, and she is determined to find out who he is. She soon finds out that the man in her dreams is real, but according to history is long dead. She goes in search of answers, and soon is taken captive inside a house that belonged to this man known as Iron mansion. This house holds mysteries, and the man that owns it can answer all of her questions.
She's walking amongst the Immortal, and some don't take kindly to who she resembles.


7. Lullaby

I was frozen in fear as the pale eyes focused on mine. She was dressed in a long gray dress, and her body was covered in scars. I was snapped back into reality with a hand waving in front of my face. I blinked twice and Maria slowly disappeared, and the face of Iron appeared. He was smiling, “I think it’s time you met everyone. Front center!” The lights started to flicker, and one by one people started to appear. A few were women dressed in servant outfits, and the rest were men dressed in suits. Only one stood out from the others, and he stood in the far corner dressed in a chef outfit. 

“These are my housekeepers, I think you’ll fit in here quite well.” I walked up to one of them, “Are they dead?” I turned to see Iron talking to the chef, and as he turned to me the chef slowly started to disappear. “Yes, they are angels who chose to serve me. They will now serve you.” I smiled at the woman standing in front of me, and her face lit up as a smile stretched across her face. “Hello, I’m Nora,” I held my hand out to her. She grabbed shaking it slightly, “We know who you are, Iron has been talking none stop about you.” She let my hand go, “You are all dismissed.” She nodded and all of them started to disappear. 

I turned to Iron crossing my arms, “What have you been telling them?” He started to laugh, “Just some things about you.” I felt anger go through me, “Like me looking like your wife.” He walked up to me placing a hand on my shoulder, “Yes, that, but other things also. Like how beautiful you smile is compared to Maria’s.” He was complimenting me, and I felt blood rush to my cheeks. “Thanks, I have to ask. How did Maria die?” He stilled for a minute, and I could see his Adams-apple bobbing.  “She was strangled to death,” He pushed his hair behind his ears. “I’m sorry it must be really difficult for you to talk about.” He cleared his throat, “It’s fine, it did happen over 300 years ago. Let me show you to your room again.” 

He grabbed my hand and I was little surprised by the touch of his hands. They were sweaty, did this mean he was nervous. He pulled me up the stairs, and I didn’t protest. He lead down the hall just as he did before, and to the room just like before. He stopped in front of the door, but he never let go of my hand. They were still sweaty, and it made me curious on what he was nervous about. “Iron, you can let go of my hand now.” He let go before the sentence even left my mouth, and put my hands by my side. “I will be going now, if your hungry you can just call for the chef his name is Damian.” He turned to walk away, but I grabbed his arm stopping him. “How about you come in. I don’t want to be alone in this room again.” He smiled brightly, and opened the door for me. I walked in slowly, and he followed right after. 

“This room is beautiful, how many rooms are in this house?” He ran his hand along the wall, “There is 56 in total in the house, but there are many other underneath as well.” I went to the fireplace in the middle of the room, and touched it. I felt Iron come to stand behind me, and he reached over me grabbing a candle holder. Our bodies were touching slight, “Not everything is what it seems.” He pulled it down, and something clicked making the entire wall flip around. It revealed a huge portrait of a woman that I had seen a couple of times in the history book in my college. She was a Japanese woman with long black hair, pale skin, and the biggest set of red eyes. In the books her eyes always were brown, but in this painting they were blood red. 

“Her name was Sumaka Jugoku. She was my caretaker when I was younger, and before she died I had someone paint her.” I touched the painting, “Why do you keep it hidden?” He looked up at the painting, and I followed his gaze to see a slow set of horns appearing on top of her head. “She was a demon, my parents didn’t know that she was one until she died. They blamed her for my taste in things, and it infuriated me.” His skin went pale, but it didn’t crack this time. “I remember that she used to sing a song to me, she used to call it my lullaby.” He smiled brightly at me, “Sleep little darling, and wake in the morning, feel safe in the arms of darkness, when all around you are storming.” 

I smiled as he sung it, “What does it mean? Its a pleasant song.” He sighed, “She said the song meant to escape the light to be caressed by darkness.” He smashed a button on the side, and the wall slowly swung  back over to a fire place. I put my hand on his shoulder, “I’m sure she loved you as much as you loved her.” He smiled making his way to the door, “I’m sorry but I must leave, I have to be someplace. Call Michelle if you get lonely.” He turned and left before I could object to it, and I smiled at the thought of him as a child. In the silence I started to hear a low humming sound, but I couldn’t spot where it was coming from. It seemed to get louder and louder, until the humming turned into singing. “Sleep little darling, and wake in the morning, feel safe in the arms of darkness, when all around you are storming.” The voice was feminine, and had a little accent on her voice.

“My sweet little boy, you have to understand that your parents don’t like me.” The voice was soft and it was coming from behind me. I turned slowly around to see a faint woman sitting on the edge of my bed, and when I say fain I mean it. She was completely see through, her eyes were red. Her hair was beautifully dark, and it huge to he waist. She was holding something that I couldn’t see. Her voice started to crack as she continued to sing, and it was as if she was crying. “My dear Jose, don’t morn my loss.” I put my hand on her shoulder, and it went through her. I turned around to see the face of Maria, “Just leave now or I will make you. Iron is a monster, he will kill you.” She pushed her hands out, and I fell back only not to hit the floor. 

I was falling off of something, and as I looked up I was met by the blue sky. I looked around to see the image of a fading cliff, and It finally dawned on me. I was falling off of a cliff, but before I could hit the water I hit the floor of the room. I was laying on my back in pure shock, and I could see the faint sight of Maria standing over me, “You will not ruin my plain, he deserves to be alone!” She screamed making her face stretch to an unnatural length, and she started blinking before she disappeared. I took deep breaths trying to calm my heart beat. What did she mean Iron deserved to be alone? I had to find out about her before she actually hurts me. The woman was still singing, but she was sining something else. “All you have is your fire, starring into an open flame. Your clothes drenched in blood, a demons desire. So high in the sky, I sing of a demons lullaby.” My eyes slowly fell closed as the woman disappeared. 

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