My Demon

Nora Lovely has always been unique in her own way, but she's not normal in the slightest. She sees things, and sometimes hears things. She always sees a man in these visions, and she is determined to find out who he is. She soon finds out that the man in her dreams is real, but according to history is long dead. She goes in search of answers, and soon is taken captive inside a house that belonged to this man known as Iron mansion. This house holds mysteries, and the man that owns it can answer all of her questions.
She's walking amongst the Immortal, and some don't take kindly to who she resembles.


20. In Webs

Light was invading the dark room when I woke up. A slight breeze came through making me shiver, and as I started to move an arm went around me. I leaned back into the embrace, making warmth spread through my entire body. “Good morning, my love,” Iron’s voice was soft and husky. I turned over to face to him, “Good morning to you too.” His eyes were half closed, and as he blinked he started to smile. I put my thumb on his mouth, and he stared laughing. Shivers ran up my spine making my entire body shake. I looked down at my naked body noticing that I was laying on the stone floor. 

I sat up covering my breast, “What happened at the dinner party?” He groaned as he shifted beside me, “We never made it to the dinner party. You past out before we could go.” I looked down into those gorgeous eyes, “No, we went to the dinner party then we got pulled into a time loop.” He nodded, “Oh yeah, that. I’m half sleep you shouldn’t ask me questions this early.” He turned over to face the wall, and I rolled him back over climbing on top of him. I sat there down at him, “You’re so grumpy in the morning.” He grabbed me by the waist, “Are you always this sweet in the morning?” I leaned down onto him, our faces inches away from each other. “Sometimes, depends on my mood.” I kissed him slowly, letting his tog past my lips. He tasted dull, he had no flavor to him once so ever. I moaned into the kiss when his fingers brushed over my nipples. I pulled away gasping for air, “ Not now okay baby.” 

He whined as I climbed off of him, and then something came into view. It was long and white, and the light color made it hard to see. I reached out and wrapped my hand around it, but as pain ran through my body I pulled back. I opened my hand and gazed upon my bloody palm. I started to step back, but was hit with more pain. I turned around to see Iron standing behind a wall of those things. His eyes were wide, and from the blood dripping from his hands he did the same things I had done. “Iron, whats going on,” I struggled to say that simple sentence to him? “I don’t know, but we’re gonna be fine okay.”  Pain struck me in the back of my head, and as I fell to the ground I watched as Iron did the same. I reached out to him, and then everything went black. 

Darkness.......Darkness was all around me. There was nothing but darkness. All there was in the pit of blackness was a mirror, and as I gazed in I saw nothing. A small light started to show, but not in the room where I was. It was on the other side of the glass, it more like a flame than a light. A small voice sounded through my head, “ You’re flames are who you are. Firestarter, is in your blood.” I listened to the voice, and the flames from before started to come on my body. It was a low glow in the room, but it soon started to grow. Before long the darkness was being consumed by the light that I was making. “You are powerful, more powerful than any other demon.” The word rang over and over in my head until I finally repeated, “Demon.” The voice went silent, and the flames were starting to dim. The room fell dark again, and I fell to my knees. A hand touched my eyes, and my eyes came open. 

I was standing up, and my hands were in chains. I looked around to see webs................I was standing in a room full of webs. I looked around to see that it was a small girl standing in the same the condition on the other side of room. The girl had long black hair that stopped at her waist, and her bangs covered a half of her face. Her arms and legs were covered in scars, cuts that looked like they took sometime to heal. “Where am I?” The girl’s eyes looked up at me, “You’re in the web wars.” Her voice was soft, and it was calm. “What is the web wars?” “The web wars are fights arranged for a wager made by the spider ruler.” I looked up to the top of the room to see two huge chairs sitting on a cement block. In it sat a woman that made me shiver. She had long dark green eyes, eight eyes that were looking directly at me. 

A bell sounded and the chain came free, and so did the other girls. She started to walk up to me, and as she came to arms length she stopped. Her eyes turned red, and a huge scorpion tail bust out of her back. As her tail flew toward me I realized what we were supposed to do. I had to fight her. I ran to the other side of the room trying to get away from her. I stopped at the end, but the girl moved quick. She was right back in front of me in a second, “Fight!” Her voice was more demonic that it was before, and as her tail came down again I grabbed it. She tried to pull of my grip, but she failed. I was breathing  heavily, and I closed my eyes to heard that voice again. “You want me to fight? Then I will.” Flames burst to life in my hands burning her tail, and she pulled back wailing in pain. 

The girl stumbled back, and as she regained her balance he charged me. As she came crashing into me I grabbed her hair, and climbed on top of her. Making her hit face first into the web walls. I jumped off, and she fell to the ground. When she got up her face was pouring with blood, and  it must be from the webs. She got to her feet, and pushed off. I ran toward her at full speed, and as I came into contact with her she grabbed me. Holding me in place as her tail whipped around stabbing me in the back. I gasped as I felt the poison flood through my body, and the girl started smiling. I grabbed her around the neck, and heat surrounded my entire body. Her eyes widened as she saw the flames erupt on my body. “Burn!” Her entire body started to burn, and she pulled her tail out me letting me fall to the ground. 

I stood up and watched as she screamed in pain as the flames ate her flesh. The little voice was back, “The flames are you, you are the flames.” I looked down at my hands, and they were surrounded in blue fire. “The fire is me, I am the fire,” I repeated slowly. I heard a door open, and Iron rushed in. He was in nothing but leather pants. I looked down at my body to notice that I was dressed in a black leather dress. I ran over to him, and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me tight against him. “I was so scared baby.” I pulled back to look into his eyes, and his expression was soft. “It’s not over yet, we’ve got company.” I turned around to see two twin guys, they were identical if it wasn’t for their hair color. I turned around to him to see cracks starting to cover his body. I felt the flames cover my body, and I started to smile. “Let’s get em.” He smiled and nodded, “Bring it on!” His voice echoed through the room, and the two guys took to the air. 

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