My Demon

Nora Lovely has always been unique in her own way, but she's not normal in the slightest. She sees things, and sometimes hears things. She always sees a man in these visions, and she is determined to find out who he is. She soon finds out that the man in her dreams is real, but according to history is long dead. She goes in search of answers, and soon is taken captive inside a house that belonged to this man known as Iron mansion. This house holds mysteries, and the man that owns it can answer all of her questions.
She's walking amongst the Immortal, and some don't take kindly to who she resembles.


13. Illusions

My heart was beating hard my chest, but then I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I knew the touch, it was Irons. I lifted my head to him starring at me, but how would I know if it was really him. I put my head back in my knees, and he pushed my hair behind my ear. “I know you’re scared, but right now somethings not right.” A bell went off in my head, and without even noticing I leaned up and kissed him. It was a quick kiss, and the smile on his face was pure happiness. He cleared his throat, “Come on get up.” He held his hand out , and I grabbed it pulling myself up. “What do you mean something different?” He looked at me, and his eyes were switching between black and green. “I can’t feel Doom. He’s never been this quiet before, he’s always talks to me.” 

“Wait, you’re not worried about where we are right now?” He looked at me, “Don’t worry, we’re in the house of illusions. I’ve been here many times before. We’re in the lower level of the house.” He put his hand to the metal wall, and a deep voice sounded through the room. “What may I help you with?” “It’s Iron, let me out now.” There was a loud clicking sound and door appeared, and it began to open slowly. I ran up to him grabbing his hand, and our fingers intertwined. 

He looked at me and then he just perished, and my eyes widened and I started to step away, and I bumped into a wall. “Sweetie why did you do that to me?” I recognized that voice it was my mothers. I turned around to see the woman that gave me life lying on a red carpeted floor bleeding from her head. I covered my mouth as her hand crawled up my leg, and tears started streaming down my face. “Mom,” I leaned down to touch her, but she vanished. “You monster! You are not my daughter!” I turned around to see my father, and little me. I was crying on the floor, as my father yelled at me. I remember that day, the day after my mother was found dead. I sunk to the floor tears running down my face. 

I closed my eyes trying to picture something that made me smile, but all I could remember was the negative. I opened my eyes to see Alexander, my ex-boyfriend standing in front of me. “I just can’t date a freak anymore. You disgust me.” He disappeared, and I felt something in chest breaking. I couldn’t tell anyone that it was my heart, it wasn’t it was something more. It was my soul. 

Voices started echoing in my head, “You’re nothing more than a freak.” “Monster!”  “Get away from me!”  I closed my eyes and yelled, “STOP!” I started to rock back and forward, “Please, just stop.” Someone was shaking me, and as I opened my eyes to see Damian. “Are you okay! Answer me!” I blinked a little, “Damian,” I sobbed as I went into his arms. I looked behind him to Iron looking worried. I pulled away from him, and ran over to Iron. He opened his arms willingly to me, and I jumped onto him wrapping my legs around his waist. 

He seemed surprised by what I had done, but his hands went under to hold me up. “I was so scared,” I pushed my nose into his neck.” He kissed my neck, “They were real, they were just illusions.” I sat up in his arms, and looked at him. Our lips met, and my heart began to beat faster. I couldn’t believe how well I was taking what I had just saw, but it was something about Iron. He made me feel safe. I pulled back looking into his eyes, “How about we leave the house for a night.” He smiled, “I would love to.” 

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