My Demon

Nora Lovely has always been unique in her own way, but she's not normal in the slightest. She sees things, and sometimes hears things. She always sees a man in these visions, and she is determined to find out who he is. She soon finds out that the man in her dreams is real, but according to history is long dead. She goes in search of answers, and soon is taken captive inside a house that belonged to this man known as Iron mansion. This house holds mysteries, and the man that owns it can answer all of her questions.
She's walking amongst the Immortal, and some don't take kindly to who she resembles.


27. Cry Havoc

Iron had be pinned behind his body, and god was it hard to move when he did that. “What’s going on? What happened,” he seemed to ignore my questions. His body was stiff, and as he let go of my hand blood started pouring down his arms. I grabbed his arm, “Iron, tell me what’s going on.” He turned to me quickly his eyes pitch black, and the cracks on his face were deeper than before. Blood was gushing out of them, “Just stay here.” His voice scared me, I couldn’t help but worry. I could hear him and a man talking. “What the hell just happened?” The man hesitated, “They’re attacking the building-” 

“They’re in the building, they’re after the metronome.” The female voice that spoke those words were Dita, and she seemed like she was in panic. I rushed out of the bathroom, and all eyes shot to me. There was a little voice in my head, “You have to protect the metronome.”  I ran my fingers through my hair, “We have to protect the metronome.” “No shit Nora. We gotta act fast or they will get it.” Iron lifted his head, “Protect the metronome!” There were screeches coming from all around, and as I looked up I saw who made them. Iron grabbed my hand pulling me into his body, he put his lips to my ear. “Do you think it’s a good idea for you to be in this mess with your condition,” he put his hand on my stomach. I smiled putting my hand on top of his, “I’ll be fine okay. We’ll be fine.” He moved away never letting go of my hand, “You’re going with Dita. Be careful.” He let go and started to walk away, I grabbed his hand. He turned to face, and out lips met. “You be careful too.” With that we went out separate way. The way me and Dita went was dark, but she seemed not to be bothered by it. “So, what’s up with you and Dasim.” I was a little confused on why she was asking this, “What do you mean?” 

“What’s it between you two, and does Iron know?” I nearly choked as the words left her mouth. “Wait, you think that me and Dasim have,” she turned to me with a cocked eyes brow, “no, me and Dasim have nothing together.” Dita let out a sigh, a sigh that made anger flow through me. She went stiff, and as her eyes looked back at me I knew that there was something wrong. There was an undeniable silence in the dark hall, but as I saw Dita relax the silence faded. A sound went through the room making the dim light flicker. A sound that was so loud that ever piece of glass was shaking. I covered my ears as pain shot through my body. My ear drums felt like they were slowly rupturing, I could feel he blood slowly leaking down my ears. I could feel my muscles tense, and the ringing in my ears was getting worse. 

I removed my hands letting out a scream that overpowered the one already in progress. I could feel my body erupt in flames, I could feel a pain that was deep within. A pain that shook my entire body, and how Dita was staring at me I knew that it was visible. I could feel my body warm, a type of warm that made my body ach all over. I fell to my knees, and the ach that was so faint began to grow. As I looked down at my arms I nearly started crying. They were burned, severely burned. My skin was slowly pulling on top of it, and the pain was indescribable. I couldn’t breathe, but as an arm went around my neck I lost it. Everything went black. 

The lights, the sounds, the echoing in my head. These were things that I no longer wanted there. I looked down at my arms to see the burn marks, and in the faint of my mind I could hear screams. The voice from before came back, “You have to take control of your body.” I shook my head, “No, you’re not real.” I was tired of being different, and even though the man I loved was different. I just didn’t want to be like that anymore. Me and Iron were going to be parents, and everything in me didn’t want to bring a child into this world. “You know that you are the only one who stop this.” Tears started seeping from my eyes, “How does this remotely concerns me? I have nothing to do with this!” “You have everything to do with it. You are the one who started it all Nora or should I say An’eleka.” The name struck as a surprise because I knew an An’eleka, she was one of my ancestors. “No, what? She’s one of my ancestors,” “Is she? An’eleka looked exactly like you. She was exactly like you.” The voice slowly faded as my eyes came open. 

 I was standing in the middle of the room, but everything was in ruin. I could hear a low growl come from behind me, and as I turned my hear nearly skipped a beat. A wolf stood in front of me, a wolf so huge that I was nearly at it’s chest. A voice in my head whispers, “Cry Havoc!”  I could feel Iron, I could feel his pain. He was hurt, he was hurt badly and I felt everything. I had to get to him, but the thing that was bothering me. Dita, where was she? I could hear low wheezing coming from a corner, but I didn’t want to turn to see who it was. I already knew, I already knew that it Dita. Something snapped in me, something dark, something that was hidden. It was like blurs in your vision, I could see little pieces of it. I could feel the flesh ripping in my hand, the blood sinking into the creases in my hands. When my vision actually focused I was standing over the over of the wolf. His arms, legs, and head all ripped off. The only thing that remained was it’s torso. What had I just done?

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