About a boy. About a girl. They fall in love. Their love for each other gets attacked by fame, money, drugs, alcohol. This was never meant to happen. He changed. She changed. Life changed but the one thing that still, even after all these years, still didn't change. Their sad, forbidden and strong love for each other. But is it too late? "Come back Tara" Tara sobbed while she stood in an empty, isolated park on the phone to Luke. "Please" he whispered to her in a low raspy voice. She could tell he had been crying. "Without you... Im broken." ��


7. The "date"


I am soooooo sorry o haven't been updating recently! School..ugh! I am also really sorry for the shitty chapters so far but ITS ONLY THE BEGINNINGGGG!!!! So stay tuned!! Probably update tomorrow!! See you soon! Xx luv ya ❤️


Lukes POV

as usual she was really stunning. but why was her nose so bruised and swollen? i thought it was best to probably not ask but i couldnt help it. "you look -um ju-st reall-y pr-retty.." she blushed but had a confused look on her face "if you dont mind me asking though, what happ-" i stated when she cut me off. "i got into a fight. a really bad one." all i could say in response to that was "oh." i was shocked. "do you wanna talk about it?" i nervously asked. i didnt want to offened her or her to get angry or... i dunno. i just didnt want anything to go wrong. she sighed and started.."its a long story. a story that you dont need to worry about :)" she smiled sweetly but sadly at the same time. it was hard to tell what she was thinking. "lets just have fun! dont worry about me!" she stated. i sighed in relief. "so where do you wanna goooo??" i asked. i was still shy and nervous to be honest. there was just something about her.

Taras POV


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