About a boy. About a girl. They fall in love. Their love for each other gets attacked by fame, money, drugs, alcohol. This was never meant to happen. He changed. She changed. Life changed but the one thing that still, even after all these years, still didn't change. Their sad, forbidden and strong love for each other. But is it too late? "Come back Tara" Tara sobbed while she stood in an empty, isolated park on the phone to Luke. "Please" he whispered to her in a low raspy voice. She could tell he had been crying. "Without you... Im broken." ��


3. Chapter 3

Tara's POV

~*school starts*~

I shut my locker door as I ran over to Stacy and tell her everything that happened yesterday on the bus... I still don't understand why I was so excited - i mean - I've been on loads of dates right? WRONG! This is my first date ever... "STACY COME HERE QUICK I NEED YOURE OPINION ON SOMETHING" I shouted to her. "Yea.." She looked kinda overwhelmed and embarrassed. Probably because I shouted when she was like a 12 inches away from me. Yep, that's how excited and hyper I've been. "You look like a chipmunk that's had too much redbull" she said to me looking slightly concerned. I just groaned and continued on what I originally planned to tell her "so.... Uh.... I HAVE A DATEEEEEE" "AHHHHHH" we both screamed like crazy fangirls...which actually we were the complete opposite of! "Detailsssss" she said to me in her girliest tone of voice. "Well.. His name is Luke, he has big blue sparkly eyes, a beautiful dreamy smile, perfect blonde hair. Oh and he's reallyyyyyy tall and when I mean tall I mean like- skyscraper tall!" "Uhg" is all she replied looking down.

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