About a boy. About a girl. They fall in love. Their love for each other gets attacked by fame, money, drugs, alcohol. This was never meant to happen. He changed. She changed. Life changed but the one thing that still, even after all these years, still didn't change. Their sad, forbidden and strong love for each other. But is it too late? "Come back Tara" Tara sobbed while she stood in an empty, isolated park on the phone to Luke. "Please" he whispered to her in a low raspy voice. She could tell he had been crying. "Without you... Im broken." ��


2. Chapter 2


So obviously I responded saying "hey, I go to the all girls school of Barkley and borrence" "i go to the all boys school of Barkley and borrence!! Cool I'll pick u up then ;)" he replied. It was kind of obvious that he went to the school next to mine, hence we took the same bus! Duh! But I didn't tell him that. Obvs.


Luke's POV 

"So do u have that girls number?!" Ashton asked excitedly. "What girl?!" Michael and Callum said at the same time looking surprised. "Guys calm down its just a girl." Luke said trying to seem casual about it. "Just a girl? Really?" Ashton said bringing his goofy smile back. "Yes Ash just a girl." I said trying to be cool. "So is that why you turned into a tomato and stuttered every word that came out your mouth??? Huhhh??? Answer me that Lucas!!" I groaned and turned the opposite way to hide the red that flushed my cheeks. "HAHAHAHAHA really a tomato??!!!! Hahahahahahaha oh my god I can imagine how much of a dork he would've been!!!!" Michael said hysterically laughing as Calum joined in "its just such a Luke thing to do!!" 

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