About a boy. About a girl. They fall in love. Their love for each other gets attacked by fame, money, drugs, alcohol. This was never meant to happen. He changed. She changed. Life changed but the one thing that still, even after all these years, still didn't change. Their sad, forbidden and strong love for each other. But is it too late? "Come back Tara" Tara sobbed while she stood in an empty, isolated park on the phone to Luke. "Please" he whispered to her in a low raspy voice. She could tell he had been crying. "Without you... Im broken." ��


1. Chapter 1


"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...." The boys all shouted at once. They were playing Fifa. Don't worry nothing serious happened! I just had my eyes fixated on Luke. I couldn't help it! He noticed me eventually. "Tara?! Taraaaaa?!!!" He waved his hand in front of me looking confused. I didn't even notice. I just thought about the time we first met and how lucky I felt. We were best friends since year 7. Not to mention I went to an all girls school right next to his all boys school. We met on the bus. I remembered how it all started....


Tara's POV

The bus suddenly jerked as I fell on top of someone. A boy. A boy with bright blue ocean like eyes. A boy with a dreamy smile. A boy with surfer blonde hair. He blushed, as did I. "I'm really sorry I didn't mea-" I got cut of as he casually said "don't worry 'bout it" I felt a sigh of relief. We still haven't broken our eye contact. I wanted to talk to him again but I was way to nervous. "Just kiss already mate" a dude behind him shouted. He had brown curly hair and the goofiest smile. I blushed. I was guessing that he was his mate. "Uh... Um I'm sorry he's just like that sometimes" he scratched the back of his neck. "I'm Luke by the way... Luke Hemmings." He said to me. I could tell he was really shy as his cheeks were still fire truck red. "I'm tara" I giggled like a little girl "Taralyn Lloyd is my full name." We exchanged numbers and he had to get off the bus eventually. I was shaking. I have no idea why. I'm just that shy girl that sits at the back of the classroom and never puts her hand up and nobody notices. I was used to that. It felt strange that someone even acknowledged the fact I even existed for once. I noticed my phone vibrate in my pocket, it was Luke. He asked what school I went to so that he could pick me up one day when school ended and we could go eat somewhere. OMFG. This made my day!

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