About a boy. About a girl. They fall in love. Their love for each other gets attacked by fame, money, drugs, alcohol. This was never meant to happen. He changed. She changed. Life changed but the one thing that still, even after all these years, still didn't change. Their sad, forbidden and strong love for each other. But is it too late? "Come back Tara" Tara sobbed while she stood in an empty, isolated park on the phone to Luke. "Please" he whispered to her in a low raspy voice. She could tell he had been crying. "Without you... Im broken." ��


6. Chapt 6

Tara's POV

I now made an enemy. It was the day that Luke was gonna pick me up after school but I can't let him see my face all fucked up. But I can't just blow him off either. He might think that I don't wanna hang out with him when in actual fact I do! I really do. 

*Tara calls Luke* (L= luke T=Tara)

T= hey Luke!

L= hey what's up?! Are you ready by the way because I'm on my way of your ready or not! I'm actually really excited...Oh where do you wanna go because I really don't mind!

T= uh.. About that

... *awkward silence*

L= yeah.. 

T= uh.. Actually nothing! Just wait like 15 mins n I'll be out! Sorry i get dressed slow!

L= ahaha no probs! meet you at 5.30 then yeah? 

T= Oh lemme give you my address I totally forgot! Ahaha!

L= oh yeah! Wtf I don't even know where you live!!!!! 

T= oh and sorry I came out of school late! 

L= nah it's cool! See you later then!!

T= bye Luke!! Hehe 

*end of call*

I know! I should've told him I couldn't meet Him because of how awfulmy face looks and I know that he's gonnaask me loads of questions but I didn't have the heart to tell him no after I heard how excited he was. Oh well. 

I quickly got dressed. I brushed my long brown hair and I put on clear contacts in my eyes because I don't wear my glasses. Actually I never wear my glasses. I was quite a boring looking  person- I meanthere was nothing special about me. The only thing I had going for me was my slim but curvy body.I was quite tall aswell. Bout 5"8. I then struggled between something casual, fancy, or comfy. Well I decided to go for casual as he did say that I get to choose where we go. I put on a dark,royal blue skater skirt that ended about mid thigh with my fitted black top that had net at the top and around my neck line and I put on blakc tights that were like 10 denier. I also put on my heel trainers (still have no idea what to call them bloody things). For my makeupI put on winged liner, some concealer, blusher and a light pink nude/ natural lip shade colour lip gloss. I didn't wear foundation because A) I felt like I had to much on and my face looked cakey and B) I didn't really need it to be honest. I was ready to set off as I quickly grabbed my phone and headed out side as I saw him standing there through my window on his phone. I assumed he was texting me telling me that he was outside. I jumped up behind him and his whole body jumped as he dropped his phone to the ground. He then got himself together and I couldn'tstop laughing as he gave me a double look. Oh my god. He was checkingme out! "Ahahaha luke!! Oh my god you should've seen your face!!! BAHAHAHAA!!! Luke???!! Luukkeeeee?!!" I said... "EARTH TO LUKE!" I shouted when he replied with a very confused "huh?" I just giggled. "Oh I'm sorry. You jus-t uh- l-loo-ok really prett


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