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1. the dagger

Edward lived alone. As alone as you can be in the Alps in the morning with about 500 of the famed warriors of the stone on your back. The ungrateful, harsh pillars of rock that surrounded him. Now, my dear reader, you must understand first that this is not the world you know but one full of magic, beauty and war.

I will take you back, back to when this all started…

The sky was blue as I drew back the sinew on my bow, hoping, praying that my arrow would fly straight. Gently I let my fingers slip from the bow and sent the arrow flying forth into the pack of deer. This wood is always the best for hunting I thought. I let myself relax and slowly trudged over to the dead animal.
It was surprisingly powerful and looked like it would have still lived a long life had there not been a shimmering translucent dagger with the most amazing gem in the hilt plunged deep into its heart with spiralling piece of metal like the roots of a tree, destroying the body. shocked I just stood there for a second and stared at this wonder.
Carefully I pulled the glowing blade free from the mangled body. As it slipped out the tendrils retracted into the short hilt. Amazed I tried to throw it at a tree. bang the tree disappeared. the dagger had stretched out and somehow made the tree disappear while it stayed on my hand like stretchy glue. That’s when they started chasing me…       
Chasing the dagger.


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