Along the Road (WWE)

Thirty-five years the Samoans had a shot to get into the WWF. They just had to do one thing

Beat the Granados

The Granados were one of the best in the ring and they were pretty neck and neck with the Samoans. A rivalry began between the four and an immense match took place.

The Samoans had won and the Granados had lost. But no big deal, they can get in later.

Or do they thought

Read on how a feud between two families burns and how two lucky lovers try to calm it.


1. Prologue

Thirty- seven years ago my grandfather, Manuel Granados, and his brother, Morris, were given an opportunity to be in the WWF by Vincent McMahon.

They of course said yes, how could they not. But there was a catch, it seems there is always a catch for everything.

They had to beat the Wild Samoans, a tag team of brothers like them who also want to be in the WWF, and it just so happens that WWE only has room for two people.

And so the feud began, constant segments and brawls all due to the match. It was the buzz in the WWF media that everyone was talking about.

The Wild Samoans vs The Granados Hermanos

On the day of the fight, both teams were going at it. Giving it all with as much as their hearts could handle. Fists flying, legs kicking, and muscles straining; they gave their all.

Sadly, the Granados Hermanos did not win, they lost. They didn't join the WWF.

But they thought they could get in next year, no big deal. We all learn from our mistakes.

Boy, were they ever so wrong

WWF never called them back, not even a little call on the answering machine. They waited..and waited..and waited.

Years went by the two put their sons in wrestling, going to get them in. Robert and Mark, Manuel's sons went far in wrestling.

When it finally came to WWF they admissions for acceptance. It just so happened that the Wild Samoans put their own little flock in as well.

The WWF liked the Wild Samoans so they took the Rock and Rikishi instead of Robert and Mark.

And so on it continued, Granados after Granados was rejected as Samoan after Samoan was accepted.

The Granados family would train in anger for the Samoans even though both families trained in the same gym! With just a simple curtain to keep the two atomic bombs apart these families grew in hatred for each other.

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