Along the Road (WWE)

Thirty-five years the Samoans had a shot to get into the WWF. They just had to do one thing

Beat the Granados

The Granados were one of the best in the ring and they were pretty neck and neck with the Samoans. A rivalry began between the four and an immense match took place.

The Samoans had won and the Granados had lost. But no big deal, they can get in later.

Or do they thought

Read on how a feud between two families burns and how two lucky lovers try to calm it.


2. Chapter 1- Seeds

~~17 Years Ago~~

Ah yes, the smell of sweat and hard work is very familiar to me. I sat on a bench at the side of the gym watching everyone train, and when I mean everyone I literally do mean everyone.

Uncle Mark, Grandpa, Marlena, Melanie, Papa, Uncle Victor, James, Chris, and Grandpa Morris were all training.

I can't train until I'm fourteen so I have to sit back so I have to sit back and watch. Training doesn't begin until I'm fourteen so I have to sit down and watch what some people do wrong.

But I really don't, I have years to go so I don't need to worry.

Until then, I think I'll raid the vending machine up front.

"Papa! Can I have a dollar!" I shouted at my father, who was training Jimmy.

"Get it from my wallet!" Papa shouted back, not taking his eyes off Jimmy as his fists pounded against a boxing mitt.

With permission, I went into Papa's smelly gym bag and pulled out his leather wallet. Five dollars, singles. I pulled one out and pushed his wallet back in the bag and closed it.

"I'm off to get some chips, I'm off to get some chips. Hi ho the deleo I'm off to get some chips" I hummed as I skipped to the front of the gym.

The front of the gym is really nice, there's a vending machines, water fountain, restrooms, showers, and even a cool statue to climb on.

I walked into the room and saw a boy trying to reach the water fountain. He looked my age and was a tad darker than me with blue/grey eyes and black hair.

The boy jumped and went on his tippy toes to try to reach the fountain but failed each time. He frowned and kicked at the ground in frustration.

I skipped to the vending machine and put my dollar in. I peered over the variety of foods and decided to pick a bag of Munchos, my favorite chips.

The boy was still trying to reach and I giggled at how funny he looked. My giggles made the boy turn away and he glared at me.

"What are you laughing at, girly!" The boy sneered, gesturing to my yellow dress with jean jacket and white sandals.

"You." I giggled as I punched in the numbers for my chips."You're too short."

"I am not!" The boy growled furiously as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Are too." I sang while my chips fell to the little door.

I reached down to grab it but the boy snatched it before I could and waved it in the air like a flag with a big grin on his face."Ha ha!"

"Hey!" I poured and stomped my foot down on the ground."Give me back my chips!" "Say you're sorry." The boy smiles cheekily.

"You can't force me to say sorry." I protested with my arms crossed over my chest."I won't really mean it."

"I don't care." The boy shrugged."As long as you give."

"Fine." I scowled."I'm sorry."

The boy smirked cockily as he threw me back my Munchos and said "My name's Roman."

"Monique." I replied as I opened my chips.

"How old are you?" Roman asked.

"I'm nine." I answered simply.

"Really? Me too." Roman smiled excitedly."You wanna play tag?"

"Sure." I smiled brightly.

Little did I know that Roman's version of tag was a lot more brutal. He practically tackled me when he tagged me and it was like war. But I quickly picked up on his boyish playfulness and started playing just as rough.

It had gotten so brutal that we weren't even playing tag anymore, we were wrestling. Roman was squeezing my head in a head lock that I was trying to squeeze out of.

"You're pretty tough." Roman laughed as I tried to wiggle my head out of his head lock."For a girl."

"Funny." I grunted."I was going to say the same about you."

I managed to grip Roman's hips and actually picked him up off the ground. He gasped in shock as I pulled him over and down behind me.

"Hey!" I heard a voice shout, startling me. We both turned around and saw Papa walking towards us."I don't want you fighting with my daughter."

"Something wrong here?" A man asked as he walked out from the other side of the gym to us. He was big and his hair was bushy.

"Keep your kid away fro mine." Papa sneered as he jabbed a finger into the man's chest."Got it, Sika."

"Papa, we were just playing. I'm not hurt, honest." I frowned.

"The child's right." Sika said as he put his hands on Roman's shoulders."My boy would never do such a thing."

"Enough." Papa boomed."I won't have my daughter being associated with any of your family. She is going to be the one to get into WWF."

"Robert, they're just children." Sika persisted."And the only one keeping the rivalry going is our family."

"That's because my family has a right to be angry." Papa sneered."Come on Monique."

"Come on Roman." Sika sighed as I followed my father.

"But I wanna play with Monique." Roman frowned. "I know, but you can't." Sika said as he turned his back and headed to his side of the gym.

I turned back and saw Roman staring at me sadly with his steel grey eyes so disappointed. "Bye." Is all I could say before I went back inside the gym.

Papa stood by the bleachers with a very angry look on his face with his arms crossed. His bald head was shiny from sweat and you couldn't see his lips.

"Papa, how come I can't play with Roman?" I frowned sadly."I liked playing with him."

"Monique, he has a very very bad family. You can't be near them because you need to focus on training.." Papa said and pounded on his chest."I can feel it in my old coral on. You're going to make it into the WWF. But when Roman grows up he is going to want to push you out so he can get in. Just like his Papa did to me. He's going to be a very bad person just like the rest of them. Do you understand?"

"Yes Papa." I nodded sadly, even though I really didn't.

"You'll understand when you're older." Papa sighed as he cupped my chin in his hands."And don't let me ever catch you talking to that boy again, understand."

"Yes Papa."


Okay, so maybe I lied to Papa. Because that didn't stop me from playing with Roman. We played any chance we could and became the best of friends for three years.And since my sister Evangeline has been sick, Papa was constantly on the phone outside.

"Give it up, Show." I declared, we were playing WWF. He was the Big Show and I was Brock Lesnar."You can't handle my Suplex."

"Ha!" Roman laughed."You wish!"

Roman came at me and we locked arms, we wrestled with each other in the front room while Papa was by the back room's door (far away from us).

I had worn a good pear of shorts and a black undershirt for this special match so I wouldn't lose. The last time I wore a dress and Roman embarrassed me by making me fall. Not this time.

"I'm gonna win this one." I declared as I broke the lock and grabbed Roman, I positioned him between my legs to set up for the Pedigree.

"In your dreams." Roman snorted as he hoisted twelve-year old me up with my legs on his shoulders. "Monique!" A voice boomed, scaring both me and Roman.

Much to my horror, Papa stood in the front door way with a furious look on his face. Roman immediately put me down and looked terrified of Papa just as much as I was.

"Papa, I'm-" I stuttered nervously as Papa thundered towards me and grabbed my hand. He hauled me out of the gym and that was the last time I ever saw Roman.

Until now

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