After the Bale-Out

Written for the FanFiction Royale contest on Movellas. This story takes place after Percy's epic rant on the set of "Sea of Monsters" (in which he flipped his lid the moment that he noticed Sirius Black lurking around on the set and ruined everything). Now the demigods are plotting to take down Harry Potter.


1. After the Bale-Out

Sometimes in life, things don't always go the way you want them to go.

Percy was sitting in his cabin, not believing what had just happened.  Sirius Black had the nerve to walk around on the set of the "Sea of Monsters" and not even apologize for his deeds. That stunt cost the production crew $2 million dollars and led to a huge backlash against characters from "Harry Potter".

Annabeth came to him and said, "They still need you back on the set."

"Is that rude jerkface still there?" Percy snapped at her. "Because if he is, he's got another thing coming..."

"No," said Annabeth. "Thor made it explicitly clear that anyone who isn't part of the project is not allowed on the set. Why are you so angry?"

"Just who the heck does Sirius Black think he is?" Percy yelled in anger. "He ruined the movie for us and our millions of fans! I hope he's happy with himself, knowing that he ruined our chances to overtake Harry Potter!"

"Yeah," said Grover as he walked into the room. "But remember who the real winner is. It's you, Percy."

"How?" said Annabeth.

"Percy has two sets of book series while Harry Potter only has one," said Grover. "Also, Percy's story is based on Greek mythology. Who can beat that?"

"Not Harry Potter, that's for sure," said Percy.

"How's about we go up to him and let him know what we really think of him and his books?" said Annabeth. "That'll teach him not to mess with us!"

They all cheered as they plotted to get revenge against Harry Potter and his friends. As long as they lived, Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, and Annabeth Chase were going to knock down anyone who tried to replace Percy Jackson as the king of fantasy.

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