Its Now Or Never

Kayla moved to Australia a few moths ago with her mom and her brother, Gavin. Kayla had to go through a really hard breakup aswell. She thought she had nobody, that is, until she meets Gavin's 4 friends: Micheal, Ashton, Luke, and Calum..... what happens when Kayla does meet these four? will she fall for them? will one or all of them fall for her? If so, What will happen to Kayla? Who would make the first move? Read to find out.


2. Meeting the 'Squirts'

"Gavin!!!!" Get your short ass in here!!!!" I screamed.

He then walked into my room. "What do you want!?" He asked.

"Give my my charger." I told him.

I began to chase him downstairs to see 4 guys.

"give it to me you fucking twat!!!!" I screamed to my brother.

"Uh I have friends over. Don't scream." He sassily told me as he snapped his fingers. the guys laughed.

"No shit Sherlock" I yelled.

"Hey Gav, you never said you had a hot ass sister?" A curly hair kid smirked at me. 

"You think I'm hot? Ha! That's the best joke ever! I am the most fugly shit ever!!" I laughed.

"But seriously, what does this twat want?" I asked. 

"Well since you are down here, Kayla, this is Michael, Calum, Ashton, and Luke. Guys, this is my annoying, tall, smart-ass sister, Kayla." Gavin introduced us all to each other.

I went back up to my room and played some call of duty, while listening to Nirvana. I began singing sillyly to the lyrics.

I heard a knock on the door and stopped to open it. It ended up being a red haired kid.

"Oh hey" I sarcastically told him.

"You heard me singing didn't you?" I asked.

"Yeah.. I mean you do have a good music taste." He admitted.

"Well do me a favour. Get your other friends and my bitchy brother to play some video games.

Michaels POV-

Damn, that chick was hot as fuck. I thought. No, Mikey, no. Gavin is your friend. And you can't let her get to you. But she's so stunning!

"Guys, do you wanna go and play video games with Kayla? She told me to ask." I asked.

"Sure" they all answered.

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