Its Now Or Never

Kayla moved to Australia a few moths ago with her mom and her brother, Gavin. Kayla had to go through a really hard breakup aswell. She thought she had nobody, that is, until she meets Gavin's 4 friends: Micheal, Ashton, Luke, and Calum..... what happens when Kayla does meet these four? will she fall for them? will one or all of them fall for her? If so, What will happen to Kayla? Who would make the first move? Read to find out.


4. Finding out

"Mom!!!!!!!!! Get me a shirt!!!!!" I yelled from the bathroom.

I was only in a bra and shorts. Instead of Mom I saw Luke.

'Insert "Fuck This Shit I'm Out" song here'

"Wow" he said as he checked me out.

It was at this moment I knew, I fucked up.

I noticed mom was at work. "fuck" I thought. 

"Hey! Bruh! Can ya like leave?!" I snapped him out of it.

"Gavin!!! Get your Twat ass up here and get that 'Luke Kid' out of here!!! He keeps checking me out! It's weird!" I yelled

"Fine, fine. I'll leave" he left.

"Perv" I muttered under my breath as he left the bathroom.

Anyways why did this kid even come up??? I asked Mom, (idgaf if she wasnt here he still shouldnt have came up) not him. Eh, I mean, I gotta admit, he was kinda cute.

His ey- No Kay no! Not Luke. It's about Justin , not Luke. I thought.

After Justin came home, he came in my room with my blade. Shit. How the fuck? What? When? I questioned my self.

"Why Kay?" He asked.

"I had no one when you weren't here. I'm sorry. I won't do it again. Please don't leave. I'll have no one witho--

His lips then crashed against mine as he dropped the blade. The touch of his hands around my waist. His soft lips. I missed that so much. The kiss was passionate. Gavin ended up walking in like the twat he is.

"Promise you won't do it again?" He asked.

"Promise" I replied.

"Promise what??" Gavin asked

"None of your dip-shit business." I told him

"Wait why the fuck are you In Here?!?!!" I yelled.

"I need to make sure this kid isn't bugging you." He said

"Here babe I just need to talk to twat for a sec." I softly asked as he left the room.

"Okay, Gavin. When I tell you, don't do anything. okay?" He agreed. I showed him the blade and my wrist. He sat there. Tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry I did this. I didn't want to hurt you. I love you as a big brother. But I did this because I felt like I had nobody."

We began to hug as those guys came in. I was embarrassed because I had a crop top and short shorts on.

"Why is Gavin in here???" One of them asked.

"Nothing. We just need some family time k?" I asked nicely as they left my room. I automatically got a text after from Ashton it read

Hey this girl is with Justin.

I rushed down stairs with Gavin to see Justin with this girl.

"Hey babe is this your cousin????" The girl asked.

"No I'm his girlfriend?" I said upset.

"Justin, get your ass upstairs!" I shouted as I grabbed him by the wrist and we walked to the bathroom. I had my blade and locked us in the bathroom.

"This is why I do this. Because jack asses like you do this to me." I began balling my eyes out. I then started to cut.


"I swear I'm gonna beat the shit out of that kid for hurting my sister." Gavin exclaimed to the guys.

"dude, don't do that. just... well... maybe.... eh I got nothin'." one of them said.

-back upstairs-

"I cut because of fucking douches like you. I never should have trusted anyone like you." I cried

"I-I cant believe I did this to you. I'm so sorry." Tears filled his eyes. "Save it for your 'cousin' you probably never loved me" I denied.


"Get out of my house!" I shouted as I was crying. Gavin, and the guys came rushing up. They all gasped at what I had done to myself.

I don't know why I cared for Justin so much... I guess I never had anyone like him.

"It's Justin. He made me do it to myself....... Again." I cried to them. All of them came up and hugged me.

"Kay, do you want him to come back upstairs to actually talk?" Gavin asked. "No. What I want is him and his girlfriends out. He can go take his cheating ass to Canada." I asked.

Ashton's POV

I walked downstairs to see Justin looking fine and he was with his girlfriend. "Justin , why would you do this. Kayla does not deserve this." I admitted.

"Well if she didn't find out, then everything would have been okay." He told me.

"Get out.You can move your ass out." I scolded.

"Whatever." Justin then grabbed his things and left.

I walked up the stairs and sat with Kay for a while.

"You didn't have to Ash. I could have talked to him. I just said I didn't because I needed a minute." I told him.

"Umm but could you please bring up Gavin? I really need to talk to him." I asked as he walked out of the room to get him.

"Gav, you were right. Justin was a total jackass, and I fell for it. I guess I just never really had someone like that." I admitted.

"Kayla,you could have just talked to me." Gavin told me.

"well I just thought you would get mad at me because it seems like your friends are more important." I said.

"Kayla Riley Morgan,you are way more important. you can always come talk to me if you need to." Gavin replied.

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