Its Now Or Never

Kayla moved to Australia a few moths ago with her mom and her brother, Gavin. Kayla had to go through a really hard breakup aswell. She thought she had nobody, that is, until she meets Gavin's 4 friends: Micheal, Ashton, Luke, and Calum..... what happens when Kayla does meet these four? will she fall for them? will one or all of them fall for her? If so, What will happen to Kayla? Who would make the first move? Read to find out.


1. Description.


Name- Kayla


Hair-changes every once and a while

Wardrobe- Black. changes sometimes

Status- Changes throughout the fanfic.

Extra- You moved to Sydney with your Mom, because she got remarried, and because of business. You were upset at first, but quickly adapted. You can surf, dance, sing, and you are outgoing but your emotions change often due to drama. You dated a guy named Justin but needed to break up instead of being in a long distance relationship. Your brothers name is Gavin, who is 19.and he happens to be friends with 4 guys you have never met- Ashton, Michael, Luke, and Calum. You are from Canada.

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