50 Shades of Mitch

This story features 3 pack members bajancanadian Lachlan and Jeromeasf


2. The Date

Me:I looked out the window it was a very fancy restaurant called Golden shackle.

Mitch: He got out of the car walked around and opened my door.

Me: I felt like I was in a dream. I got out slowly, looked him in the eye and said "thank you."

Mitch: He said "what for?"

Me: I responded "taking me out."

Mitch: He smiled. We walked in and got a table. He got us a fancy type of wine and each a small steak.

Me: As I was drinking I became drunk, and the rest of the night was a blackout. I woke up with a major hangover and was surprised to see that I was not in his bed and I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't. I wondered what happened so I went to talk to my roommate. She said that I got home around 10pm so I didn't sleep with him. I looked at my phone and saw that his number was in my phone and a text said call me when you wake from Mitch.

So I immediately called him. He answered with a hello beautiful. After that we decided on another date Sunday night. My roommate and I went to get another dress this time a bit fancier and a lot sexier.

Mitch was going to pick me up in a few hours so I start to get ready. When I'm done he's here and I go open the door and he leads me to his car. We get in and within a few minutes we stop at another fancy restaurant. He gets out and opens my door for me and we walk inside. We get a table for two and sit. We talk and drink for awhile then it was time to go home so we got to my house and I stand by my door and invite him in. He says ok and we walk inside. I tell him that my roommate isn't here and that she was working late then I show him to my room.He leans in to kiss me and I kiss him back. Then I start to unbutton his shirt and he pulls off my dress and I undo his belt and slip off his pants and I discover that he has a really big dick.

Mitch: He asks "is it big enough?"

Me: I respond "yes it's huge." Then I got down on my knees and started to give him a blowjob but then remembered that my bra was still on so I slipped it off then continued with the blow job. After a few seconds of sucking his dick was hard so I stopped and slid off my new sexy underwear and laid out on my bed.

Mitch: He hovered over me for a few minutes kissing my body then inserted his big cock into my vigina.

Me: I let out a moan of pleasure. He slowly pulls it in and out and I let out a few more moans.

Mitch: He asks "does It hurt?"

Me: and I say "no it feels good. "

Mitch: he responds "good" and starts to Speed up.

Me: It feels so good I start to have an orgasem. It hurts but I don't say it I just keep moaning.

Mitch: About an half an hour later he starts to slow down and leans down and starts to kiss my neck then whispers in my ear where do you want me to cum and I respond anywhere you want. He takes out his dick and starts to cum on my tits and in my mouth then kisses my neck for awhile then lays down and asks "did you like it?"

Me: I respond "it was the best." I go and take a shower and then get into my sexiest pajamas then climb into bed with him.

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