50 Shades of Mitch

This story features 3 pack members bajancanadian Lachlan and Jeromeasf


1. The Beginning

Me: My favorite thing to watch on YouTube was the pack particularly Mitch, Lachlan, and Jerome and I always dreamed of them being my boyfriend.One day I was walking down the street thinking about how hot they were when all of a sudden I bumped into someone. I looked up and apologized, when I realized it was a man dressed in a bajan hoodie. I said " you are a fan of Mitch so am I" I immediately regretted it because then I realized that it was Mitch.

Mitch: He smiled and said" great to hear you are a fan. Now I have a better shot at you saying yes to go on a date with me."

Me: I was in shock. I nodded neither an approval or disapproval.

Mitch: He then said" I noticed how pretty you were and thought about asking you out, but decided not to. But then I bumped into you and heard you were a fan."

Me: I replied "yes I'll go out with you!" I handed him my phone number.

Mitch: He said "i will call you later tonight."

Me: I rushed home excitedly to tell my roommate Kat about it. When I got home I called out her name.

Kat: she replied" What do you want!"

Me: I told her exactly what happened.

Kat: She replied " you have to go out with him!"

Me: Later that night he called like he said and we decided on going on a date on Friday at 8:00. That day was Thursday and I barley could contain myself I ended up not being able to sleep. So I stayed up late drinking wine. Then passed out around 4am. I slept till noon and went shopping with my roommate for a dress. We found the perfect dress where it was very beautiful but casual and also many other things. My roommate convinced me to stop at a lingerie store to buy some"special" things. At that time it was 5 so it was time to get ready. I took a long steamy shower, inspected my body, put my hair up in a towel, then I put on my new lingerie a hot pink g-strap that she somehow convinced me to wear. After about an hour or so my hair was completely dry and ready to curl. After I was done curling I started on my makeup. I chose a dark purple as eye shadow, a tan skin coverup, and a light pink lip stick. In about five minutes it would be eight o'clock.

Mitch: Mitch pulled up into the driveway, stopped the car, and got out. He walked up to the door and knocked.

Me: I waited a few seconds to not seem to eager then answered the door.

Mitch: He said "wow, you look beautiful."

Me: I replied "thank you." Then we walked to his car. I asked "where are we going?"

Mitch: He replied "it's a surprise." After about 5 minutes of silence he finally spoke "we're here" he said.

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