50 Shades of Mitch

This story features 3 pack members bajancanadian Lachlan and Jeromeasf


4. Mitch?

Me: I realized Mitch liked sexy things so I wore it because I wanted to impress him and I kind of liked It myself. So I walked down to the hot tub in it when I got outside all they did was stare and I said "its kind of cold out here maybe I should sit next to you Mitch." I got in the Tub and leaned against him. I could see all of them had a boner.

Mitch: Mitch picked me up and sat me on his lap.

Me: I could feel his boner.

Mitch: We were talking for awhile when all of a sudden Mitch said "stop teasing me. " Then without warning he lifted me up and set me aside then pulled down his swim trunks and picked me up and moved the strap covering my vigina. Then sat me on his lap facing him then asked me if it was ok.

Me: I said "yes" the others just decided it leave and go into their house.

Mitch: Mitch moved me up and down on his dick for about an hour.

Me: Later that day he asked me to move in with him and I said "yes." So within a few months I Had all my stuff moved to his house. We had sex almost every night for the next few months. We desired each other all the time.

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