50 Shades of Mitch

This story features 3 pack members bajancanadian Lachlan and Jeromeasf


3. His House

Me: I woke up the next morning with him next to me so I decided to make him breakfast I made some eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

Kat: Kat walked in and asked "what's the occasion"

Me: I answered "no reason."

Kat: She grabbed a plate, sat, and stated eating.

Mitch: At that moment Mitch walked in and kissed me on the cheek and sat down.

Me: I offered him some food and he accepted and started eating.

Kat: Kat came up to me and whispered in my ear "so that's why, then sat back down to eat."

Me: After that we made plans to go get dinner on Friday.

Me: That Friday we went and had dinner but didn't have sex but we made plans for Saturday. But on Saturday instead of arriving at a restaurant we arrived at his house and we went inside to the kitchen and Jerome was making something.

Mitch: Mitch said "hi" and introduced me then asked where Lachlan was Jerome answered "he's recording." Mitch said that while we were waiting he could show me around

Me: I said "ok." we went through all the rooms but three Lachlan's room, Jerome's room, and his room. I knew Lachlan was recording so we weren't going in his room and in one of Mitch's videos he said Jerome didn't like people in his room so all that was left was his room. We are on the way and I start to get nervous but then I remember the first time we had sex and felt better. We get there and he pins me on the bed and says he can't hold it in anymore and takes off his shirt then kisses my neck. He slowly takes off my dress so I'm only in my bra and underwear.

Lachlan: Meanwhile Lachlan is walking down stairs into the kitchen and Jerome tells him that Mitch was looking for him and he thinks he is in his room. So Lachlan turns around and goes upstairs to Mitch's room and walks in. But me and Mitch were to busy to notice him walk in We only noticed after he said oi fish fish fish Mitch.

Mitch: Mitch said hey Lachlan want to join and I thought he was joking until he turned to me and said are you ok with that.

Me: I was so in shock I said yes so Lachlan took off his shirt they both had 6 packs and were really hot. Then Lachlan and Mitch started taking off there pants reveling a huge bulge each. I took off my bra and underwear and got on my knees and started sucking both their dicks switching every once in awhile the I grabbed Mitch and pined him on the bed.

Lachlan: Lachlan started doggie styling me.

Mitch: Mitch started pounding me in my vigina.

Me: It hurt and felt good at the same time all I could do was moan. They were both so hot I started to have an orgasem now they started to go faster. It felt so good I hoped it would never stop. After about an hour Lachlan and Mitch decided to switch spots so now Lachlan was below me.

Lachlan: After about another hour Lachlan said "I'm going to cum on your face."

Me: I said "do it." He cam all over my face and tits. Mitch was still going while Lachlan kissed my neck and lips while played with my tits and fingered my vigina. Mitch announced that he was going to cum and it was my turn to pick where he was to cum. I told him to cum inside my butt. He told me that's a good idea and a felt a warm fluid running through me and it felt good. After that I took a shower with Lachlan because he was ready to go again Mitch was in there to because he wanted to feel my body. Then we went down stairs in the living room and sat down and had an awkward conversation with Jerome because he of course heard me moaning. Then me and Mitch went upstairs and went to sleep. I woke up and found Mitch, Lachlan, and Jerome in the hot tub. He said there was a swimsuit that he bought me on the dresser that I can where. So I went up stairs to change into it. but while I was walking I heard them laughing behind me. what I found was not a swimsuit it was some strings tied together.

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