In 3022... the Earth was hit by an asteroid, which turned the axis to a 90 degree angle. Each side of the world is in a permanent season... one side is burning. And the other is freezing. The year is now 3028 and scientists have been trying to figure out a way to tilt the Earth back. But to no prevail...


8. Road Trip - Chell

     I've decided to leave the Earth. Or, at least this side of it. I need to get to the other side. Maybe even find my brother... like that's gonna happen. I've already packed. Melted water bottles, a non-working DS. And of course, my scorched blanket.  I'm bringing all of the necessities. Like Swiss Cake Rolls, in a satchel. I'm going to follow the highway. It used to lead all the way to Florida. Now it's just a way for travelers to attempt to go to the other side. I think I can make it. Maybe ride an alien to freedom.

     Speaking of aliens... well, I forgot to write. I have already headed out and have been out here for about an hour. I saw one. And a survivor. I ran towards them, which I shouldn't have done. I hit the alien in the back with a hunting knife I had grabbed. It wasn't fazed but it seemed pretty ticked off. It turned around and swiped. You know, I should've expected it. I didn't. It felt like a brick had just been chucked at my face, but the brick was covered in cement. And knives. I'm surprised the aliens don't hurt themselves with those thing. They have little tiny razors all over them! The survivor ran, like a baby. I was backing away from the creature now. I knew it was  over for me, assuming those thing can move faster than a baby with crutches.

     Sorry, a bird flew into my face. Anyways, I was about to die. Then all of the sudden.... BOOM! A pipe was shoved right through the thing. It fell forwards and behind it I saw the survivor. He looked about 40. Kind of old to be saving teenagers, but I was thankful anyways. He said his name was Joel. He's actually over behind a tree, writing in his own journal. We agreed to go to the other side together, as we were both already doing so. He seems pretty nice, I mean, he lost his family. Even his kids. Apparently he had encountered the aliens before, or as I like to call them, Evil E.T.'s. He said that the creatures were responsible for his family's death. I feel bad for him, I mean, my parents were dead. And I had no kids, the only other living family member I know of is my brother, and I don't even know if he's alive.

     We are now headed out again to the other side. I think I'll end this entry here. See you next time in the "Chronicles of the Traveling Teenager and Moderately Old Man". 


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