In 3022... the Earth was hit by an asteroid, which turned the axis to a 90 degree angle. Each side of the world is in a permanent season... one side is burning. And the other is freezing. The year is now 3028 and scientists have been trying to figure out a way to tilt the Earth back. But to no prevail...


6. E.T. Is Evil - Chell

     Ok, long story short. Aliens. Yes, I said aliens. From infinity and beyond. They're nasty things. Thank god I killed them. I'm surprised the gun did any damage at all, they're skin looked as if it was armor. It probably was but at close range it probably wasn't effective. The smell is retched. It smells like roadkill that has been sitting in the sun for 3 days. And then some. The fight wasn't all that exciting. Just a bunch of flashes and loud sounds, followed by 2 thumps on the floor. Thankfully one of them wasn't me. I mean, they probably didn't have weapons but the spikes on them looked like they could impale me. Oh yah, did I mention they had spiked on them?

    How did they even survive the heat? I mean, I know it was nighttime but it didn't look like they were uncomfortable. And trust me, even nighttime heat is uncomfortable. To be honest, I think they caused this. That's why the conditions of the meteor were so exact. Normally something like that would've instantly killed all life on Earth. But it didn't, it just destroyed half of one of the largest countries on Earth. Why would the aliens even want to do this? Laughs? Games? Or... have they been planning this for years. Watching over us until we were sure nothing bad could happen. Do they want to take out planet? Or just get it out of the way for space colonization. They looks pretty advanced to me, judging from Si-Fi movies.

     Ok, this is ten minutes from that last paragraph. The alien's bodies... melted, or something. They dissolved into the floor and not a trace was left. Except for the awful smell.  I don't know if they came back to life or just decomposed. It's not like anyone on Earth knows... except for them. You may not believe me. But if I told you asteroids could knock the Earth into a completely angle... you wouldn't believe me then either. So... entry over. I just hope that if someone finds this. It isn't to late to defeat the aliens. If we need to.

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