In 3022... the Earth was hit by an asteroid, which turned the axis to a 90 degree angle. Each side of the world is in a permanent season... one side is burning. And the other is freezing. The year is now 3028 and scientists have been trying to figure out a way to tilt the Earth back. But to no prevail...


2. Boiling Oceans - Chell

     "The oceans are boiling. The Earth is ending. Doom and salvation is nigh!". The lunatic on TV said. The news seems to let anyone on nowadays. Oh, sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Cheyenne. Call me Chell (pronounced "Shell" by the way). So long story short. I'm the only one left in my town. I'm surprised I'm not dead. Anyways, the Earth is burning, and freezing. I'm on the burning side. Boiling oceans, forest fires. The usual. I'd prefer to be on the freezing side, at least you could wear layers to keep you warm.

     I might just make a trip there. I have heard rumors of people trying, including my neighbors. No news came back of them being dead or alive. Being as unlucky as I am, I'm right by the equator. Don't get excited, I'm still over 200 miles away. All of cars of this side are just shells. The heat was so intense the gas ignited and they all spontaneously combusted. Including my own. Such a sad day, I had only had it for a month. Just to be clear, this is my journal, so don't expect these entries to be long. I always sucked at writing in school. Back to the point, these entries are short, like this one. 

     So, just a summary, my life sucks, my parents died and my brother went on a trip to the equator, he says it would be the safest. In fact, just a few days ago, the hot side was almost made hotter by a solar flare, thankfully it missed and we were fine. Although the thing that caused this electricity power down was a solar flare, the hot side might've been livable in if it never happened, it was small enough not to kill anybody underground, or far away enough from the spot where it aimed, thankfully the electricity was only shut off for about 3 months and I can still watch TV, oh... the camera man died. Like my family... want to know how they died? Well it was the least dangerous problem out here. Heatstroke. Yes, they died of heatstroke, they were brave enough to run outside to save someone in their car. They never came back. Me and my brother found the bodies about a week after it happened. The corpses were melting, I know, gross right? Well that's what happens near Mi Queso. Or wait is it Mi Casa? I was never any good at Spanish either... Well my pen is about to melt, so I have to go. I may have to use a pencil from now on, I hate pencils... anyways see you later.


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