In 3022... the Earth was hit by an asteroid, which turned the axis to a 90 degree angle. Each side of the world is in a permanent season... one side is burning. And the other is freezing. The year is now 3028 and scientists have been trying to figure out a way to tilt the Earth back. But to no prevail...


1. Prologue

The year is 3034. The human race dwindled down to less than 300 million, due to the greatest natural disaster in history. An asteroid hit Russia and the force exerted from it completely destroyed eastern Asia. But the asteroid did one more thing. The force was so great that not only destroying eastern Asia. It knocked the Earth's axis straight up, and it sped the orbit of the Earth to where one side is always freezing. And the other is always burning. The remaining scientists are working together to somehow knock the Earth back into the right orbit and axis, and fix this incredibly strange, and impossible, anomaly. But to no success, the Earth has been dying for 10 years. It's a miracle it isn't dead. Forever.

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