Lost love

"i don't know why we break so hard"i said. "just let it all go" she said. "i cant leave you like that". "your going to have to one day"she said.
"don't say that"


4. UM

Delilahs pov(next day)

I woke up the next day feeling new. After I left the park I went home and passed out, I looked at the clock it read 10:15 I was already late for school so mine as well not go right?   I was just going to to go to the mall today instead because I needed new clothes. So I got up and took a shower did my hair and make up then I picked out my outfit (below). I texted my mom and told her where I was going and that, I was going to get knew clothes. She got a little mad because I didn't go to school but honestly I don't care about anything right now. 


 I got into my car, ya mine. It was a black jeep that my dad got me before he left, kinda like a "sorry i'm leaving but I got you this". How thoughtful, currently I have know idea where he is and I could care less. When I got to the mall I headed to pacsun because why not? Well I ended up getting 6 shirts,5 crop tops, 6 pairs of jeans and 8 pairs of shorts. Wow. Then I went to H&M got to many things then to the shoe store. Then I went to the salon to get my hair cut but I saw a picture of a girls hair and decided I wanted it.I was looking new and improved, hopefully.

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