Lost love

"i don't know why we break so hard"i said. "just let it all go" she said. "i cant leave you like that". "your going to have to one day"she said.
"don't say that"


2. Luke and her


Luke hemming's was the person that didn't care about anything. He was the famous rock star that kissed the girls then made them cry. He used to be different,sweet loving boy who couldn't stand it when a girl cried but that all changed and no one knew what happened to him. Everyone just decided to act as nothing happened. He turned to drugs and girls for help and no one stopped him. He almost died from drugs and no one stopped him. That was until Delilah came into his life.




she was 16,lived with her mom and her step-dad Kevin. She wasn't the popular girl she was the girl who sat alone and let everybody push her around until she snapped, and shattered into pieces.She left him with all the pieces. It took time to put them back toghether but hey who's counting?They shaped each other into perfect pieces until the perfect broke and no one could clean the pieces this time and they'd have to figure it out but they weren't ready for that.


Hey guys! I hope you like my book. The song that would go with this i feel is people help people by Birdy.~Kylieee

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