Lost love

"i don't know why we break so hard"i said. "just let it all go" she said. "i cant leave you like that". "your going to have to one day"she said.
"don't say that"


3. Delilah

Delilah pov

"Its Delilah" i said the teacher.

I was new to this school but wouldn't you think the teacher would know the new students name? Like doesn't the principal tell the teachers who is joining their class? I hated introducing myself to the class because mostly people just stared at me, judging me in their thoughts. I've already have started off bad this school year, just because i stood up for myself to the head cheerleader. Ugh. This school sucks. I let everybody push me around last year but this year i wasn't feeling it. After my classes I wanted lunch and that's just what i got, when i walked into the lunch room all eyes were on me. They all started laughing and pointing, to what,I didn't know. Well that was until the head cheerleader came behind me and pushed me down and then stepping on my stomach with her 5 inch sparkling heels saying "watch out". Then she left and I got up and ran to the doors and left. And that explains why I am now sitting on the grass of a park crying. I felt a tap on my shoulder i looked up and saw the one and only Luke hemming's. Why is a rock star at a park in the middle of the day? 

"Are you okay"? he asked 

"Dose it look like it"? i replied with a sarcastic tone. Dumb ass

"Wow, you know what your probably here because no one likes you and you cant make any new friends your worth nobody's time". 

"Well aren't you smart you figured me out in about ten seconds and if i'm worth nobody's time then why are you talking to me?"I responded.

"Whatever I don't need this right now i'm a famous rock star who doesn't need someone like you talking to me".

What a dick move

He was just about to turn around until i said


"Awe dose someone want to apologize" he said with a smirk.

"haha no, since you figured out who i am, its my turn to figure out who the famous rock-star really is." I said eviley

"okay try me". he said.

I would love to i was thinking.

"you pretend to be some cool rock star hotshot with all his sluts tied around his finger and smokes weed everyday but you really are a heart broken boy who needs someone to be his friend and not just for his fame, you want a real life, not some stupid tour life" i said with a smirk.

He just stood their shocked.

"That's what i thought" i said and got up and walked away.

He pulled me back looked me into the eyes and kissed me, their was sparks everywhere, i kissed back but then quickly pulled away saying" I got to go" and with that i got up and walked away.


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