Bright Eyes

After an accident, Twilight's life is turned upside down and changed forever.
With her friends standing by her, she must manage to overcome new obstacles, learn a new way of life, and discover just how long secrets last when hidden from those who know you best.


2. Chapter 2

“... so, Twilight is going to be in hospital for a few days, and she’s left me in charge of the library!” Spike puffed his chest out proudly.

“Who?” The owl replied, shifting himself slightly upon the bookshelf.

“Twilight. You know, the pony who lives here?” Spike said as he gestured to the mess of books strewn around the room. He had meant to clean it up when he returned last night, however, he had found sleep to be far more entertaining.


Spike threw his hands in the air with an exasperated groan, “the point is, you have to do what I say, because I’m in charge now! Understand?”

As if in answer, Owlowiscious stretched out a wing and a foot and yawned. Without a further word, he turned his head on to his back, and closed his eyes.

“Fine!” Spike snapped, pivoting around on his foot, to both further investigate the mess and ignore the unhelpful avian.

The library’s floor was covered in piles of books, multiple sets of ink and quills, and various scrolls, which was normal for one of Twilight’s study sessions. There was very little out of the ordinary, aside from where he had found Twilight lying on the floor when he’d returned home that afternoon.

The scene flashed briefly in his mind: Twilight lay on her back, her head propped up slightly by the wall. There was no blood, to his relief, although her unconscious form had sent him in to a panicked shock.

Spike shook his head, walking over to where he had found his friend. His imagination played on what might have happened based on the mess before him. He pictured her careening in to a pile of books, sliding to a halt as her head hit the wall. The scene reversed itself, logic placing the trajectory towards her desk.

The dragon righted a spilled candle before investigating the rest of the cluttered mess spread across the desk. It was very normal for Twilight to ignore basic organisational skills during her study sessions, something which Spike had managed to accept. He glanced over the illegible scrawl of Twilight’s swift writing and various reference materials, finding very little to comprehend. ‘Paradigms of Magic’ seemed to be last night’s subject, something he had heard Twilight murmur briefly as he completed the morning’s chores. Granted, he had tuned out on the explanation.

The one legible sheet he noticed had been covered in various drawings of various symbols. The bottom quarter of the page had been completely dedicated to a particular symbol, which seemed to represent a star inside of a ring, with various markings written around it. He studied it quietly, as his wild mind drew conclusions for the events.

His mind played his imagined scene once more. A large, powerful flash of magic emitted from the papers on her desk, throwing the unicorn backwards towards the wall. She landed on her back, sliding through a pile of books to a halt as she head hit the wall.

The thought chilled him to the bone.


Spike had just finished packing a bag of cookies, and the new Daring Do novel, as a knock sounded from the door, “Owlowiscious, get the door!” He shouted from the kitchen. The amount of mess that he had cleaned up over the course of the morning had left him in a slightly fouler mood, with the owl, as he hadn’t lifted a single feather to help, despite his demands.

When the knock sounded thrice more, Spike stormed out with a glare at the sleeping owl. With a deep breath, he opened the door to see Rainbow Dash. Spike snorted a stifled giggle as he moved aside, “Hey... Rainbow Dash!” He snickered at the sight before him, “how’s the weather?”

“Just fine. Thanks.” She replied flatly.

Spike let out a huge guffaw at the sight in front of him, falling backwards with a fit of laughter.

Rainbow Dash dressed in a pink raincoat, and mismatched boots, glared at him behind a bright blush, “I lost mine, alright?! This was all I could find!”

“Sure you did.” Spike righted himself off the floor, snorting once again behind a twisted smile, “Is that Pinkie’s?”

Rainbow Dash sighed grumpily, “Yeah. She was the only pony close to where we were preparing the storm.”

Spike grinned, “It suits you!”

Rainbow Dash removed her attire, glancing at it spitefully. Her smile widened as she moved the topic along, “So, did the new book arrive?” She had obviously been looking forward to it as much as Twilight.

Spike nodded with a smile, “Yeah. Hardcover, too.” He gestured to the kitchen, “I’ve got it all packed up and ready to go.”

The air between the two went flat at the mere inference of returning to the hospital. Spike could feel his heart clench for a moment as he exchanged an understanding expression with the mare. He took a sharp, deep breath, as he glanced out the window at the storm.

“Hey,” Dash prompted tentatively, sitting herself beside the dragon, “how are you holding up?”

The sullen seriousness in Rainbow Dash took Spike by surprise. He hadn’t expected anything like that from her of all ponies, “Well... I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. The fact they had her head, horn and back in bandages is... scary, Dash. I don’t want anything to change!” He lowered his gaze to the ground, “maybe there’s nothing to worry about... but what if there is? What if she can’t walk, or can’t use magic anymore?! I don’t want her to change!”

A wing wrapped around the dragon, as he heard hushing sounds from his friend, “That’s not the Twilight we know, is it? She’s been through worse." Spike looked up to see Dash smiling down at him, “after all, Twilight wouldn’t let herself change for anything.”

Spike buried himself in the side of the Pegasus, quietly sniffing in to her side. Quiet moments passed, as the thoughts of Twilight hung in the air. Rainbow Dash was right; Twilight was tougher than most ponies would give her credit for. That was something Spike knew he could count on.

“The storm’ll be over in about an hour. I’ve been given leave to look after Twilight until the end of the week.” She smiled, “good thing it’s only Tuesday.”

Spike let go of Dash and looked up at her quickly, “Tuesday?”

“Yeah? What about it?” Dash inquired as Spike ran Twilight’s desk.

Spike hurriedly grabbed a scroll and quill set, before stuffing them in his bag, “Twilight still likes to send letters to Princess Celestia on Tuesdays. She’s fine with you guys doing it, but...” Spike trailed off, trying to think of a less direct way to explain this.

“It’s Twilight?”

The two shared a laugh before Spike nodded, “Yeah. It’s Twilight.”



The door opened wide, followed by the simultaneous greetings of the pegasus and dragon. Twilight stirred groggily in her bed as she turned to face the noise.

Before coming to the hospital, Rainbow Dash had detoured back home to don her Daring Do hat, which she wore proudly as they waltzed in to the room. Between her and Spike, they had decided that acting normal would be the best course of action when coming to see their friend. The sterile setting of the hospital was depressing enough, rather than to add their own worries on top of it.

Rainbow Dash snatched the bag from Spike, excitedly slumping it on the ground, “How’s it going, Twi’? They treating you alright?” With expert finesse, she threw a second Daring Do hat in the air, pumping the air with a hoof as it landed on Twilight’s head. Spike shot her a rather unimpressed look.

Twilight muttered something blearily under her breath.

“Sounds good!” Rainbow Dash replied, taking the book from the bag “You ready to hear the next awesome tale of Daring Do?” She sat down in the chair next to the bed heavily, forcing a loud creek as it slid back slightly. “The cover looks so cool; it could be the best one yet!”

Twilight sat up in her bed, placing a hoof on her forehead, “Uh... I guess. What time is it?”

“2pm.” Spike replied, pouring Twilight a glass of water before offering it to her.

Twilight smiled appreciatively, lifting it up carefully between her hooves. Rainbow Dash watched in amazement, as she finished the entire glass in one long swallow.

Spike returned the glass to the desk, looking at the white flowers that accompanied it, “Who’s the flowers from?”

“Flowers?” Twilight asked, turning toward Spike.

“Yeah. They’re white, and closed. They haven’t even bloomed yet. Who would give these to you?” Spike carefully inspected one with a claw, sniffing at it.

“Somepony visited you? Nice.” Rainbow Dash said in a manner that suggested she wanted to return the subject to the book she held in her hooves.

“I don’t think so...” Twilight replied thoughtfully, she directed herself towards the blue pony, “I had dinner, and went to sleep. If anypony visited me last night, they didn’t wake me up. And only Rarity and Sweetie Belle visited me this morning.” She smiled, “Sweetie Belle drew me a picture.”

Twilight frowned as her hoof waved to various point in the room. Spike grabbed her hoof, lightly directing it towards where a crudely drawn picture of stick-ponies were covered in various glitter and craft materials, with the words ‘GET WELL SOON’ written in glitter-glue. Twilight seemed uncomfortable at Spike’s help.

“Sweetie Belle was so proud of her work, I can’t wait to see it.” Twilight said. There was a hint of disappointment in her voice. She rested her hooves on the blanket in front of her, going quiet for a moment.

Rainbow Dash opened the book to the prologue, her hoof raised in the air dramatically. She opened her mouth to begin, as Spike interjected once again, “Any news on when you can get out?”

Twilight shook her head, “I have an appointment for certain tests later today. The doctor says the only certain damage was to my back,” she touched the bandages around her torso, “however, it’s only bruising. It’ll go away soon. From what they saw before they applied the bandages, and when they changed them this morning, he said that my... He...” The air in the room grew dense as Twilight swallowed hard, “he said that there may be severe damage to my eyes.”

Rainbow and Spike shared the same slack-jawed expression, both unable to find anything to say. They could only stare at the unicorn with a worried shock. The quiet air hung sickly, as if the one who controlled fate, was standing in the room with them.

The blue pegasus had gone silent, the opened book hanging limply on her lap. The news chilled her to the core, “Y-you mean... you... but won’t that mea--” She stammered, trying to find any way to ask the question that hung in her mind.

Twilight let out a shuddered breath as she hung her head. Her shoulders trembled as her breaths quickened with the sound of sobbing.

Rainbow Dash’s eyes filled up sympathetically as she moved over, sitting on the bed to embrace her friend quietly, pulling the unicorn to her chest. Twilight lay against her sideways, two wet patches forming on the bandage around her head.

She barely noticed Spike joining the embrace as she gently held the unicorn in her arms, making an excruciating effort to keep her own tears in check. Her own mind raced at what would be going through Twilight’s, at the very danger of the worst-case scenario. She hoped quietly, that luck would prevail, and maybe, just maybe, Twilight’s disadvantage wouldn't be as severe as it could be. For now, she would simply be there for her friend, and allow nothing to come between them.  She could not be left to feel alone.

“I don’t know what to do,” Twilight gagged breathlessly through her sobbing, “I just don’t know.”

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