Trust Me

" Do you trust me?" my lips quiver as I look into his electric blue eyes, " i don't know"

In which Harry is not normal, but falls in love with Geo the human.


5. Shadows

Super short filler chapter!! Sorry!! Also sorry for any spelling mistakes this was a little bit of a rushed chapter!!!! 

Harry's P.O.V

As i pull back from her and fall back into the shadows i watch her eyes search the room for me. She wasn't suppose to touch me, its not that i didn't want her to its just that i want to wait. Geo isn't ready to fully meet me yet, i could feel the un-trust in her body every time i'm around. My head shoots over to the stairs as the thumping of large feet mixed with the clacking of heels rush down the stairs.

Not to long after i watch as Mark comes rushing down the stairs holding a large almost lantern like flashlight, with a Sharleen holding onto his shoulder with a fake worried expression. I knew it was fake because i can hear her horrible thoughts, I've known just like Geo knows, that Sharleen only wants Mark's money then she'll be gone leaving them dirt poor. As I'm still in the shadows i watch as they rush to a now standing Geo, " Oh my goodness are you alright dear" her father reaches to touch her shoulder but she quickly shakes it off.

" Fine, a medal bar almost fell on me thats all" i smirk as i watch her attitude, every since i saw her one day while walking i knew she was the one. Its almost like i was drawn to her no matter where i went; i could smell her scent from miles, even in the next town over. Sharleen secret looking down rolls her eyes which causes me to let out a involuntary growl. Their heads whip around trying to find the source of my growl, ' don't worry Geo, it was me ' I watch as she nods her head while still looking around the room.

" I'm gone" she mumbles then passes them to head up the stairs. I travel through the shadows up to her room. The light gray walls give off a calm feeling while her purple sheets give off a more vibrate feeling. She walks in her room with her burgers then sits down at her drawing desk. The burgers where pushed to the side as she quickly starts to draw. I watch from a distance for about 30 minutes until i finally notice what she was drawing. She was drawing my face when i was on top of her. Since she dropped her flashlight only a little bit of light was cased upon my face, mostly in the middle. 

I slid behind her and watched her body shiver as the cold wind washed upon her body. ' Beautiful ' I whisper to her then before she can even turn around i was back in the shadows watching.

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