Trust Me

" Do you trust me?" my lips quiver as I look into his electric blue eyes, " i don't know"

In which Harry is not normal, but falls in love with Geo the human.


1. Shadow

Geo's P.O.V

          My bare feet run through the flower field stepping on the soft grass. The wind causes my dress to swirl around me, i laugh and do a twirl. The sun was setting, and like always i found myself in the flower field in the woods behind my house. The breeze felt amazing against my slight hot face, it blew my brown hair back from my cheeks. Finally i make it to my spot in the field where there was a circle of daises and watch the setting sun over the hill.

Almost every night when i wasn't busy or upset, I would come out here and my big brown eyes would just watch the sun set. My mother would always take me out here when i was little, much to my fathers dismay. He thought we would get hurt, or a wild animal would just pop up, or the worst one yet get lost. From where I'm standing if i look past this big tree in front of me I have a okay view of the back door.

" I hope you're here with me mom" i say while smiling up to the sky. I close my eyes for a second just to breath in the fresh air. Once i open them a smile was on my face when i saw that weird streak of white i always see during sunsets. Sometimes i wonder if its my mom showing that she is still here with me, or that her spirit will always be at this spot. As it started getting darker the wind starting to become harsher. I quickly walked through the field while holding the hem of my red dress down to prevent the wind from pushing it up.

Once i was in the woods part I heard a snapping of a twig, like someone had stepped on it. " Hello?" i call out to make sure if someone is here with me. I shrug my shoulders then continue to walk towards my house. When i entered my back yard a louder snap was heard a few feet from behind me. I quickly turned around then gasped at the figure standing there. Electric blue eyes attached to a tall lean body was all i saw before it was gone in a flash.

Even though it was scary to see someone watch you, something about that person didn't give me a feeling of danger. Instead it felt as almost they where protecting me, weird but that was the warm feeling i got. Just when my hand was on the knob of the back door a voice in my head stopped me, ' glad you feel that way, cause i would never harm you love' as my palms grow sweaty i race in the house towards my room upstairs. Peaking out my window i could see a shadow figure slowly fading back into the woods. Their eyes where glued to mine, but then again they where gone in a flash.

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