Trust Me

" Do you trust me?" my lips quiver as I look into his electric blue eyes, " i don't know"

In which Harry is not normal, but falls in love with Geo the human.


4. Protecting

Geo's P.O.V

    " Hey flip it" i snap out my trance and quickly flip the slightly burnt burgers. I look up to my dad to see him sending me a harsh stare, " do not burn down this house" " what ever" i mumble as he walks away. I was in no mood to argue with him right now, all i wanted was food. He had finished their dinner so i decided to start making mine. But as i continued to make the burgers i kept falling into a trance, his name kept spinning around my head.

Harry, his name sent shivers down my spine and goosebumps down my arms. The smalls hairs on the back of my neck would stand up like a wave of static washed over me. My eyes would fall into a deep stare making my vision go blurry, all i saw was his shadow standing in the woods with his glowing eyes staring at me. The smell of burgers snapped me out my gaze and i quickly let the grease slip from them and but them on a bun. After adding the cheese i was about to head up to my room but my father ran up to me.

" Can you please do me a big favor, Sharleen wants wine so can you be a doll and go get them for me" i roll my eyes, and was about to open my mouth to say no but then he waved a 100 dollar bill in my face. I set my plate of food down then snatch the 100 from his hand, " just this time, you know the basement creeps me out" i stuff the money in my sweats pocket and walk towards the basement door located in the living room. Just opening the creaky door sent shivers down my spin, my hands search for the light switch before i forget the light is busted.

I grab the flashlight hanging up on the wall, i grimace as i step on the very creaky steps. The loud echos of this old basement makes my head shoot around expecting something to jump out. I haven't been in this basement since i was 16, before my mom died she would always tell me to stay out of the basement. This house was super old, she was afraid one of the stairs may give out on me or something was lurking in the dark. Even though thick socks cover my feet i still can feel the cold ground  pricking at my skin. " Gosh how come the wine cabinets have to be so far back" as i shine my flashlight in the corner far back to the right i see the old wine cabinets collecting dust.

As i walk closer to it i shine my flashlight all around with each step i take. "You don't have to do that, I'm hear to protect you" I let out a low scream while clutching my chest as Harry's voice rings through my head, " don't do that! You almost scared me to death" i shine my flashlight on the walls trying to see where he might be at. " Where are you" i ask with a shaky voice, this is creepy, I'm in a dark basement by myself  talking to a person who has been stalking me, " i wouldn't call it stalking, more like protecting" I roll my eyes, " protecting me from what I'm perfectly fine." 

I start walking closer to the wine cabinet but soon I'm forcefully pushed to the ground by a body. A loud bang causes me to look over and see a large medal pole had came crashing down from the ceiling right where i was standing. But then i remember someone is on top of me, " Harry please tell me this is you" i mumble with my eyes squeezed shut. I felt breathing on my face, a mint scent was inhaled through my nose. " I told you i was protecting you" my eyes where still closed afraid i might see something scary. I'm use to seeing his shadow but i can feel his chest rising and falling on top of mine,his breath fanning over my face like the wind on a cold night " open your eyes love" I took a deep breath, 1...........2.........3 my brown eyes shoot open and i was shocked at what i saw. 

Instead of seeing the blue eyes, I saw the green eyes i only ever saw once. " Your eyes" i whisper i then took notice that instead of being a dark figure he actually had a skin tone, it was a nice light tan color. My hand slowly reached up to touch his face but as soon as i felt his warm flesh only touched my finger tips, he slipped right through my fingers and i was left laying on the ground with on a flashlight by my side and a cold feeling now left upon my body.

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