Trust Me

" Do you trust me?" my lips quiver as I look into his electric blue eyes, " i don't know"

In which Harry is not normal, but falls in love with Geo the human.


10. Leaving

Geo's P.O.V

     Its been a few days since I've last spoken to Harry. Something was off every time he appeared around me, he was quite fidgety and always on alert to every sound. He won't tell me whats wrong, so I've basically been ignoring him. My dad was back, an i ignore him as much as possible. I will forever hate my father for what he caused my mother to go through. How could he say those hurtful words to his own wife, then not get help when he saw her getting sick. " Geo!" speaking of my father, there he goes calling me. " What do you want Mark" i say walking down the stairs.

Once i got down there i see his little perverted friends were there. Great, I only have on grey spandex shorts, and a purple sweater. Mark has two groups of friends he hangs out, his perverted drinking buddies, and his very respectable science buddies. " Can you be a doll for us and go get some beers from the fridge" my mouth legit drops open, " are you fucking kidding me! The kitchen is like 10 steps away and you call me from all the way upstairs to get you beer!" this is why i do not like living here. I think i need to move into the apartment soon. 

" Don't curse at me young lady" he tried to seem all tough in front of his friends but i just rolled me eyes. " What ever" i go to turn around and walk up the stairs, but again his voice stops me, " you're just like your mom, never listening to me" my hands immediately ball into fist. " First off you low life jerk you have no right to talk about my mom like that. I don't even know what she saw in a asshole like you. Do you even know how or why she died. She died because she DID listen to you! She listened to all your harsh comments about her appearance, thats why she died; and I'm not trying to die the same way. I don't want to die knowing some scum like you was the person who caused it. So take a long dick and shove it up your ass okay?" my face was very hot while i ran up the stairs.

I found 3 big black suit cases in the closet and started packing. Every piece of clothing that belonged to me were quickly getting stuffed in suitcases. " You need help" i look back to find Harry standing there. I ignore him an continue to pack like a maniac, " why have you been ignoring me" i roll my eyes. I try to let song lyrics take over my thoughts so if he did read my mind he wouldn't get anything. I run into the bathroom with clothes in my hands and change. I slipped on the light blue denim jeans, a black/white aztec sweater, and slip on some black combat boots. Once i open the door i was shocked to see all three suitcases where packed neatly and getting zipped my Harry.

" Thank you" i say then grab them off the bed. " Let me" he takes the two heaviest suitcases out my hands then walks towards the door. " Wait, what if my dad sees you" i say grabbing his shoulder. A small spark slithered into my fingers causing me to quickly take them off. Wow, that was weird, " and you care because?" " True" i mumble then walk by him down the stairs. Their loud deep laughs echo through the house causing me to roll my eyes. " Where the hell are you going, and who the hell is that in my house" my fathers stands up causing me to gulp. No, I'm not afraid of him, until he gets a few drinks in his system. Last time he got some drinks in his system he ended up hitting me, I still have the scar on my back the runs from the middle of my right side to across my lower left side.

It was medium size but it was enough to make me insecure here and there. " I'm leaving. I'm 18 so i have a right to say where i live; and he is none of your business" i nod my head over to Harry. When i glance at Harry i see him staring at my father with such anger. " Fine! I never cared about you any way! Leave my house you slut" i gasp and quickly walk out the house. Thank god my mom gave me her car keys. The white slightly dusty charger was sitting in the garage ready to be ridden. " Goodbye house" i whisper with small tears forming in my eyes. Its not that i would miss Mark, all the memories my mother and I made is in that house. The bag out my hand was grabbed and tossed into the back seat with the other two by Harry.

" Please have gas" i mumble once we both get in the car. " Why didn't you tell me" i looked over to find a very angry Harry. My eyebrows scrunch in confusion, " tell you what" I now didn't want to start the car until I found out what he was talking about. " That your dad fucking hit you and gave you a scar" i jump in my seat at his booming voice. The colors in his eyes were slowly changing to, I think a red color. " Well its non of your business" i quickly started the car but before i backed out he grabbed my hand, " everything that deals with you is my business" something flashed through his before his body disappeared out the car. What does he even mean, he is just some non-human person who suddenly popped up in my life.

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