Trust Me

" Do you trust me?" my lips quiver as I look into his electric blue eyes, " i don't know"

In which Harry is not normal, but falls in love with Geo the human.


9. I Miss You

Listen to If i could Fly by One Direction!!!

Geo's P.O.V

     " I miss you so much" i whisper as small tears roll down my face. I was out back in the woods again staring up at the fading light sky. My thoughts had some how went to my mom, oh how i miss her tender touches an sweet kisses on my forehead. My face falls into my hands an all i did was cry. I've been crying for hours out here but i didn't care. My mom was everything to me, she was the one to protect me no matter what. Now i have some non-human guy supposedly protecting me but wasn't even there to stop that M guy, and then when i told him he just left!

I shake my head then look up to the sky. The mixing of dark purples an oranges made me smile. " I love you" i whisper out as i stare at that weird white streak in the sky. " Why are you crying" i turn around to find Harry taking a seat next to me. If i hadn't saw him disappear in front of my eyes i would have thought he was some normal everyday human who wondered into the woods. " Just thinking about-" " your mom" he says nodding. Sometimes i forget he can hear my thoughts, its weird. " What happen to her if you don't mind me asking" i could see real concern in his eyes.


5 years ago

Geo's P.O.V

     " Baby can you please go make me some soup" i nodded my head while patting my mom's frail hand. For a few days my mom has been ill. Coughing up mucus and vomiting all hours of the night. My dad has been making me stay home from school to help take care of her while he is at work, but I'd rather be here helping my mom then being around a bunch of noisy 7th graders. After making my mom's favorite chicken broth soup, i carefully set the very hot bowl on a plate with a spoon and bring it up to her.

" Here you go mom" i set the soup on her bedside table then help her sit up. " Thanks sweetie" she kissed my cheek then i fed her the soup slowly. The doctor is suppose to be coming over in a few to tell us whats wrong with her. "Okay, I'm a little full" i scrunch my eyebrows at my mom, " but mom, you only had about 10 spoonfuls of soup" this has been going on for a few days now. Her not eating properly, she'll have a few nibbles of food then says shes full. 

" Look, there's something i need to tell you" she takes a deep breath but before she can say it the door bell rang. " Hold that thought please" i whisper then run down the stairs. When i look out the peep hole just like my mom tells me to, i see it was the doctor. " Well hello little girl, I'm Dr. Shawn. I'm here to check on your mom" i nod my head then lead him up to my mom. " I'm Geo, and this is my very sick mother Marathi" i say entering my moms room. " Hello Dr.Shawn" my mother croaks out. " Well Marathi, we ran some test at the lab and I'm sorry we can't help. You've been battling this for so long an its just to far down the line to help" i look back in forth between the doctor wondering what is he talking about.

" Does she knows" the doctor asks my mom, " No, i was going to tell her before you came. But thank you I'll be sure to tell her" my mother smiles, " call me if anything happens" Shawn says to me then leaves his number on the table. Once i make sure he left the house i rush and sit on my moms bed. " Mom what is wrong with you, are you going to die?" i whimper while squeezing her hand. " Listen baby, I love you so much. There has been so much happening an i didn't tell you because i wanted you to focus on your dreams and doing well in school, but i guess its best to tell you now" she takes a deep breath then looks at me. 

" Don't get upset with your father or me for not getting any help okay. But a few months back your father had said some things about my appearance, it took a toll on me. I stopped eating so much to the point when now i can only take a few bites of food or else it will come back up. I'm battling bulimia and anorexia all at once" my mouth drops opens in shock and tears form in my eyes. " I'm sorry i didn't tell you this sooner, please don't be at me dear" i look at my mother in bewilderment, " how can i be mad at you? I'm just upset you didn't get help, I'm angry at dad for ever saying those things to you, you're perfect just the way you are. Are you going to die?" i ask while tears now roll down my face. " Oh baby girl don't look at this as me leaving you behind. Just think of it as me going onto another life with no more pain okay? I promise I'll wait for you. Now while I'm away i want you to promise me to always love yourself, never let anyone tell you your not beautiful.

Always be open minded. Keep on drawing. Don't listen to your fathers dumb advice" she laughs a little then kisses my forehead, " I love you baby girl" she whispers while she holds me as tight as her weak body could.

Flash back over

" 4 months later, my mom told me to go to school. I saw something flash in her eyes but i brushed it off. She said her last words to me that should have triggered something inside me but i didn't get it at the time. She said, ' no matter what happens today, tomorrow, or a few days from now just know i love you with every bone in my body' she hugged me so long that day that i almost missed my bus. When i got home i walked in and saw my father sitting on the couch with a big bottle of beer in his hand. I asked him why is he drinking an thats when he told me. My mother had passed away while i was at school." tears roll down my cheek as i relive that very upsetting memory of my mother passing away.

" I'm so sorry to hear that" Harry whispers then pulls me into a hug. He was really warm, causing a comfort feeling to run through my body. " Thank you" i whisper into his chest, " for what?" he ask still holding me tight. " For listening."

PLEASE READ!!!!! A/N I cried while writing this chapter. I just want to take a moment to talk about everything. Please pray for the events that took place yesterday 11/13/15. Also i want to take time an say to anybody who is battling with a eat disorder or is body conscious YOUR BEAUTIFUL OKAY! I still battle with body confidence but slowly I'm learning how to love myself for what i am, and if some else doesn't like what they see then they don't have to look at me. All the people battling a eating disorder, i know it is hard right now, but please just go get some help, or talk to someone! Also to anyone who self harms, i know how you feel. I use to self harm to, but every since i started writing and singing I've been a year clean!!

So please if anyone wants to talk text me on my kik- cutely_funny

I'll always be here for anybody




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