Trust Me

" Do you trust me?" my lips quiver as I look into his electric blue eyes, " i don't know"

In which Harry is not normal, but falls in love with Geo the human.


3. Harry

Geo's P.O.V

         " Oh hey dear" i stop dead in my tracks once i enter the kitchen an see Sharleen is sitting there. I give her a very fake smile to which my father glares at me. Shrugging my shoulders i put the food he wanted on the counter before grabbing the bag with all my goodies in to take up to my room. Once i put my ground beef in the fridge so it won't freeze i turn around but stop once I'm pulled back by my dad. " What Mark" a annoyed expression was laced upon my face.

All i wanted to do was go have a nice shower, then clear my head from what happen at the store, " you are having dinner with us right?" I smirk once i see his pleading face as he slightly shoots his eyes over to Sharleen's direction. " No, i already went over this, while you two have a nice fancy dinner I'm going to be up in my room munching on some nice greasy burgers" i send him a fake smile also before strutting up to my room.

He really thought since Sharleen was here in front of me I wasn't going to say no. I would have still said no even if she asked me, Sharleen is such a gold digging whore who is trying to get all my dads money but as soon as my father runs out she leave him like she left her 3 husband. If my father ever does propose to her I will literally throw up, they've only been dating for a month but she has him in a hook. Its like she is the puppet master and making my dad her personal puppet. What ever she wants she gets, she once wanted this 2,000 dollar pair of shoes the same time i was begging my dad to by my a new drawing book that cost about 50 dollars, and he ended buying her the stupid heels.

Once i got to my room i took out my snack box from under my bed. It was a big purple basket that held my snacks in it. I dumped the new bought stuff in there then slid it back under my bed, my father is always trying to get me to give Sharleen some of my snacks because she is always complaining about how we don't have enough snacks in this house. Like, if she wants a snack she can go to the store, or better yet stay at her house and eat snacks. " Shower time" i mumble to myself then proceed to the bathroom located in my room. It was fairly big, a medium sized circle tub was in the middle with a small glass shower to the right.

This room wasn't originally mine though, this was my mothers room, she laid in here for the remaining days of her life.After stripping off i hop in the nice warm shower, the water falling from up top soothed my aching muscles. I like walking but during my walk back I had to run back home because i saw some people who looked pretty scary. I wash my hair with a nice honey shampoo and conditioner, then wash my body with a vanilla scent. This is just like how my mom use to smell, so calming so free smelling.

After turning the water off i wrap a nice fluffy grey towel around my body. I stare at my reflection in the mirror, i looked just like my mom. My big brown eyes a little to big for my face, long brown hair that was annoying at times, i was a little shorter than my mom. My mom was a nice skinny women while i had curves, my mom would always tell me she wished she had my body when she was that young. I don't see why, i had a stomach but not to big, i didn't have a thigh gap like she did, and my boobs where only a b while my but was a little too big for my liking. I knew there was no such thing as perfection so I've learned how to embrace my body and handle it with respect.

Some girls don't care about their bodies enough, they always try to get skinny when they are already beautiful. A knock from my room startled me, i slowly opened the door to the bathroom. No one was in my room but my window was open, strange I thought i closed it. I quickly walk over to the window as a strong breeze causes my slightly wet body to shivers. 'You look beautiful' I look around my room to find no one. I even looked out the window but still found no one, I recognize that voice of that shadow figure that has been watching me. " Who are you" maybe if i talk to it they will maybe show themselves or something. 'Someone who cares about you. I just want you to know your never alone, and I'll never hurt you' My breath hitches in my throat when i see the shadow figure on my wall.

This was the first time i got a perfect view of them. I could tell it was guy by his deep voice and the structure of his body on the wall. The glowing blue shadow where the eyes where suppose to be where staring right at me, " whats your name" before he can answer i hear loud footsteps walking up the stairs. I watch as his shadow turns his head towards the door, once the door swings open he vanishes from the wall. I no longer can feel their presence in my room, " Honey dinner is done" Sharleen says before closing my door. ' Harry'

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