Trust Me

" Do you trust me?" my lips quiver as I look into his electric blue eyes, " i don't know"

In which Harry is not normal, but falls in love with Geo the human.


7. Games

Geo's P.O.V

           " Dad what are you doing here, you should be at work" my words where said in a plain voice with a hint of anger. I was so upset at him because he just ruined my chance of having a conversation with Harry and i don't know if he'll let me see him again. " Well there was a break out in New York so i had to come home to pack, by the way I will be gone and i don't know how long for because i was one of the few that is going to go help investigate this" my mouth drops open in shock. Even though we don't really get along i feel a little upset knowing that I'll be staying be myself for god knows how long, " how am i going to buy food and stuff" i ask hopping of the counter to follow him to his. He was a packing maniac, clothes lay out on his floor as he drops some while grabbing hand full of clothes and stuffing them in a large suit case.

" Mabel will be stocking up on food every 2 weeks" he quickly zips his suit case, gives me a pat on the back then was out the door. " Harry please come back out I really want to talk to you again" i beg as i walk around the living room hoping he will just pop out somewhere. My feet stop walking, its so quite i could hear a pin drop, but i was checking to see if i could hear the thudding of his boots on the floors around the house. ' You have to find me first ' at first i didn't actually know what he meant but then i heard loud thuds coming from upstairs. " Footsteps" i whisper to myself finally getting his game, he wants me to find him by listening to his footsteps. 

As quickly as i can i rush out the stairs then stop right at the top trying to find the thuds. Loud steps make me race towards them and i end up in my father rooms. As i look over towards his closet i see a all black figure disappear into it and i quickly run towards the slightly open door, but once i flick the lights on I look around to find no one. ' So close yet so far ' thuds come from the kitchen area and i run down the steps, almost falling on the way down but the railing helped me regain balance. When i look over to the kitchen a black figure was standing looking out the window.

Just as my hand reached out to touch it, it dissolved right between my fingers, ' you almost got me there' i huff while crossing my arms, " this isn't fair, you have inhuman powers. This game could go on forever" i wait for a response but hear nothing. Slowly my arms uncross while a confused yet worried expression crosses my face, " Harry?" my steps where slow as i call out his name. Once i step foot into the living room a chill made my whole body shiver, it was weird because it wasn't even cold in this house. ' But i was having so much fun' a deep chill runs through my spine as i feel very cold breath on my neck. As a small smile was about to pull up on my face at the closeness of our bodies i quickly realized something. 

That wasn't Harry's voice. No, this voice was much more higher, much more fast pace when they spoke. The air in my lungs seem non-existent as the cold breathing was still felt on my neck. Who ever this is doesn't seem to nice...............

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