Trust Me

" Do you trust me?" my lips quiver as I look into his electric blue eyes, " i don't know"

In which Harry is not normal, but falls in love with Geo the human.


2. Footsteps

Geo's P.O.V

       I was just sitting on my window seal watching the sunrise. It may sound boring on weird but when i was little my mom loved to wake me up at around 6:30 to watch the sun rise, then get me so we can watch it fall later on in the day. My mouth hangs open as i watch oranges and blues blend together in the sky. If my father knew i was up at 6:50 in the morning to watch the sun rise he would probably tell me to get my head out of dream land like he always does.

My father is a man who lacks in imagination, he doesn't imagine things he always has to crash my dreams down with the harsh reality of this world. I've always had a passion for drawing, I can remember always running to my mom and dad with a big smile on my face as  i show them my art. After i turned 14 my dad would always brush my work off, tell me to get my head out the clouds, focus on actually becoming something then a cheap artist looking for a break in this world, so for the last 4 years of my life I've be hiding my drawings from him

Yes i know not many people get famous in the artist department, but look at all the money designers make. They are artist too, i want my father to see that art comes in different forms, not just on paper. As the sun is now fully risen i hope off my window seal and go sit in my chair that was in front of my desk. Last night i had a very hard time falling alseep, those eyes kept popping in my head when ever i closed my eyes. So around 3:30 in the morning i had enough, i got out my pencils, colored pencils, and paper then got to drawing. 

It took me about a hour to get the eyes just the way I saw them, then i started to color them. The background was colored in black while i use a dark blue for the eyes with a little bit of white in some areas. It was so weird to see myself draw this because i usually draw sunsets and sun rises, but drawing this persons eyes where the only way to get it out my head. " Geo come down here!" i huff while slipping on some sweats knowing his annoying girlfriend will probably be down there. " Yes Mark" I've never really called him dad, he didn't act like one so he doesn't deserve to be called one, " please be a kind soul and run to the market to grab some stuff for dinner, Sharleen is coming over."

I roll my eyes as he tries to use a sweet voice on me. His big green eyes where staring into my doe brown ones with plead, " what ever, but I'm not having dinner with you two" before i turn around he gets a very upset face, " yes you are young lady, I'm tired of you always bailing out on this" " WELL HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT IT WAS BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE HER" I scream then rush up the stairs. " God, sometimes i wish he would just let me leave already" i mumble while putting on clothes. My mother left me loads of money before she passed, she owned this apartment room and in her will she said it was now mine.

My father doesn't know, but by this week I'm planing on moving in it. I'm 18 for god sake, he can't tell me what to do, I'm now legal to make my own delicious. I put on jeans, a black tank-top with a see through floral jumper over it, and o put on my black timberland. I left my naturally wavy hair down then walked down the stairs. " Here its 50 dollars and a list of what I need, and please never say or scream at me again" i roll my eyes before snatching the 50 out his hand. This is what always happens, we argue, he is all calm afterwards, then he is a straight dick head for the rest of the day. " What ever" i mumble then walk out to start my walking journey to the store.


 Once i got to the store i was shocked to find it empty. It was 8:30 on a weekend thats usually when lots of people come. I shrug my shoulders before grabbing a cart then heading off towards the meat section. One the way i grabbed a few snacks for myself, with some candy. Once i got there i grabbed some chicken breast and ground beef. My dad was making stuffed chicken breast, while i was going to make some good old burgers for myself. I wasn't really the type for fancy stuff, or one of those girls who order a salad on a date. I don't have nothing against them its just of you wanted to order a salad they could have bought you one from Walmart or Kroger.

When i went down a isle to get the stuffing i heard hard fast foot steps like someone was running up from behind me, i turned around frighten but i was confused to find no one there. I cautiously turned around and start rolling the cart to the stuffing, it was like a movie scene when your alone in a isle and then like someone comes and takes you or something. I laugh at my silly thought but quickly turn serious when i hear fast foot steps again. They slowed down as the get closer to this isle causing me to just stare at the end of the isle.

I could see a faint shadow on the ground of a very tall person just standing there. They didn't move nor did I, but gasped loud when in the shadow a faint dark blue shadow where the eyes are suppose to be. Again i didn't feel in danger but it was kind of scary to know that someone may be watching you. The eyes flash a green color then i watch as the shadow slowly re-treats backwards. Wanting to know who it was i run as fast as i can down the isle but when i get there no one was in sight, not a single living person was there. 'don't worry, I'm always here'

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