Lantern Lake

A young girl in an extraordinary world. She must retrieve the emerald dagger in order to make everything right in the world again.


7. The Truth

As the sun beats down hard on Sky’s head she carves herself a wooden spike. A spike to help catch fish, and help kill the enemy. After stripping off several leaves she ties the stems tightly around a tall heavy stick. She sizes it up with herself; it is just a few inches taller than her.

“Well made” Ari says smiling at her excellent work.


“We need to talk”

“About what?”


“I’m leaving” Sky turns around, but Ari jumps into view.

“You can not keep running away from this. If she knows where the dagger is we have to get it out of her”

“Mmm” she turns the other way, Ari follows her.

“This time it won’t just be us. All of us will be there” Sky looks around. She knows he is right, she doesn’t want to face Rachel again, and she is scared of what is going to happen. “I’m sorry but this is the only way of putting things right”

“Tut” Sky rubs her head, throws the stick down and anger and sits down cross legged.

“I know this is hard for you, but you have to see the reality of the situation. When we the dagger back everything will go back to normal and the sooner the better”

“Hmm” Sky leans her head on her right hand now starting to see sense.

“I’ll give you time to think” Ari trots back to the cave. Sky is left thinking. Thinking what will she say to Rachel? What will she do? Does Rachel even know about the dagger? Who knows? Only time will tell. Sky has to go back.

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