Lantern Lake

A young girl in an extraordinary world. She must retrieve the emerald dagger in order to make everything right in the world again.


4. The Start of a Journey

“Hey!” Ari yells and sprays water in Sky’s face. She wakes up; eyes wide, fists clenched and breathing heavily. After looking around she realises it was Ari, and then sits back down. The sky is still black and the wind now calmer rustling in a few bushes. “We have to go now” Sky stands up, takes a deep breath, and starts walking.

“What if…. They get me?” Sky stutters.

“They won’t” Ari is confident. He will do anything to save her. He just wishes he had the rest of his pack with him, so that things would be better for her.

“How do you know?”

“I’m here; if they want you they’ll have to get through to me first. And you’ve seen me when I’m angry, I don’t like to be messed with” Sky gives herself a reassuring smile and grips her knife, just in case of anything jumping out.

“Er…. How far does this go?”

“Quite a way….. we’ll get to the cabin shortly” Sky suddenly stops, the very thought of going back to that cabin sends a cold shiver down her spine. She knows she has to be brave, she keeps telling herself that.

“Don’t’ worry, I’m here for you, I can't promise you that it will go according to plan. But I promise that I’ll protect you” warmness fills her heart now. Ari always made her feel safe. Safe from everything in the world, and she knows everything will be alright.


After walking five minutes in silence, Ari signals Sky to stand still while he searches the area. Behind the trees lies a cabin. A cabin with the enemy in it. Sky grits her teeth and grips the knife harder. She swallows nervously, and crouches down, just in case they are lurking around.

“Come” Ari whispers, then Sky, still crouching, follows him. Ari looks up, Sky sees this, and does the same. A window. “Do you think you can get up there and look through that window?”

“Yeah” Sky says, looks up, then starts climbing the logs to the window. Ari smiles to himself. He has trained her well. There are lights on, Sky narrows her eyes and takes in the scenery. There are five women sitting around a table, laughing and sharpening eyes. A rifle by the door….That’s new Sky thinks. She has never seen one before, and now she has seen enough. She drops down without making a sound.

“And?” Ari whispers edging next to her.

“There was five of them…….. and…….. a gun”

“A gun?”

“Next to the door”

“Ok…… I have a plan. You take the window, and I take the door”

“Got it” Ari starts off around the corner. Sky glares into the trees, she can’t believe what she just agreed to do.

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