Lantern Lake

A young girl in an extraordinary world. She must retrieve the emerald dagger in order to make everything right in the world again.


11. The Journey Continues

Morning. The sun beats down hard on Sky’s head. She comes around, and jumps down from the tree. Ari and the pack are up.

“Hungry?” Ari asks.

“Starving” Sky says.

“Take your pick” Sky looks at the ground. There are at least a hundred dead snakes in front of her.

“Snake… my favourite” she kneels down, peels the skin from the snake, and rushes it down her throat. She eats another five snakes, and sits back on a tree.

“How long will it take to get up the mountain?” she asks.

“We’ll get there tomorrow afternoon, we need to pick up the pace, we will walk for a few hours and then rest”

“Cool... what about Rachel?”

“She can burn in hell”

“Good, I like the sound of that”

“We need to move” Ari walks with Sky while the pack follow behind them. “Stay close”

“Why? What’s up here?”


“Who’s that?”

“My nemesis. He never followed my orders and started a rebellion; he and others went against me and fled to the mountains. They could be anywhere. And they hate humans”

“Oh fantastic”

“That’s why we need to keep close” Sky swallows and curls her fingers into fists again. She had no idea about this. Anything could happen out here, she could die.

“So… this Fang… he’s like… bad?”

“Bad beyond bad, he tried to take over my role, but I knocked him back down and scarred him. That’s when he started a rebellion”

“Sounds lovely”

“My pack is stronger… there’s nothing to worry about”

“You’ve said that plenty of times” all of a sudden, Ari and the pack stop. A low growl can be heard from the trees on their right. “Is someone hungry?” Next thing, grey wolves emerge from the trees and towards the pack. Sky’s heart drops below her stomach and her throat becomes dry. 

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