Lantern Lake

A young girl in an extraordinary world. She must retrieve the emerald dagger in order to make everything right in the world again.


19. The Emerald Dagger

Sky falls face flat into the sand at the top of the mountain. Spraying sand out of her mouth she tries to catch her breath back.

“Oh… my…. God…” she wheezes. The rock where the dagger would lie is only a few feet in front of her. Quickly, she army crawls over to it, and throws herself on top of it. And there it lays the dagger. So Rachel was bluffing, the dagger was here all along. The gleam from the emerald which lies in the centre shines in the sun light. Two silver dragons on either side next to where the emerald is. Sky picks the dagger up and examines it.

“Yes” she whispers smiling. She has the dagger, now peace will be restored. Many people have tried to find it but have died trying on the way up and now, Sky holds it. Standing up, she attaches it to her belt very tightly so it will not fall off during flight.

“This is it” she says to herself. She will put it back to its rightful place. Thinking of Rachel, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, she hovers above the ground, and then flies back to the cabin where Ari and Fang will still be.

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